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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

<<<Click for the 2017 Flying Aces Schedule>>>

30th June
Thanks to Stan for the July edition of "Slipstream". Click the header for a .pdf download which contains articles and photos based closer to home than usual.

We were all pleased to welcome the flyers from New Zealand at the Nats and then Stan and Ricky at a rather damp Friday FF session at Ferry Meadows. Read in Slipstream their side of the visit.

28th June
The July RCSD is very wide ranging, from identifying the flow physics and modeling transient forces on two-dimensional wings, to a balsa stripper and upgrading household dustbusters to LiPo via the usual mix of r/c gliders.

Click the logo for a .pdf download.

26th June
Thanks to Mick Page and Bill Dennis for the new batch of front page photographs where friends from New Zealand are at the 2017 BMFA Free Flight Nats.

24th June
Wind speed in double figures again but it looks as if it might be sunny for the 5th Area Comp, together with the Sam35 events at North Luffenham on Sunday.

See Meetings/Events on the left for full details.

22nd June
The BMFA Payload Challenge was held at Buckminster this year. Click the picture to find out how a Vulcan was there.

There will be a report on the event in BMFA News but meanwhile a lot of photographs and some videos have been "presented" on Facebook. It is possible to view most of the material even if you don't wish to "Sign Up" for Facebook.

19th June
Thanks to John P for passing on this link to a Lego Spitfire......




17th June
Picked up from the latest Aeromodeller and advert from an American company I had not seen before - click their logo for the home page.

What intrigued me though was they were selling what appeared to be the Mercury Gnome. I thought the kitting of that model from the 1950's was looked after by Replikit in the UK. Click to see the Retro RC version where the "Kit includes a designed in auto-rudder, stabalizer incidence & tilt adjustment screws and DT mechanism. This design is loosely based on the Mercury Gnome from the 60's, but is not exactly the same."

15th June
Whilst YouTube is a massive resource for modelling videos and much else I find its general way of working irritating so am pleased to offer something from Vimeo instead. Paul Naton at Radio Carbon Arts has an excellent selection, mainly r/c sailplanes.

On Sunday, near Leicester there is control line flying with water take off. See Meetings/Events for more details.

13th June
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs of PMFC members at the BMFA Free Flight Nats. Mick had a busy day flying so gathered photographs from Andy Sephton, Bill Dennis and John Ashmole.

Mick also sent the following results. (A full report of the Nats will be in the next club magazine.)
"We now have a double champion as Gareth Tilston won CO2/electric and Kit scale, Plus he also came 3rd in AM/MA.
Andy Sephton won rubber scale.
I won P30.
Peter Gibbons came 2nd in E30.
Whilst Mark Benns came 3rd in HLG.

11th June
A reminder that BMFA Buckminster flying sessions on a Monday are for free flight. John said "I know that Pee Gee, in particular, is very keen to make use of this, so flyers may like to contact him before going."

From the Buckminster web site:- "Open from 9am for season ticket holders and day tickets, (tea/coffee will be available on a self service basis) Park in the stoned area and call in at reception on arrival."

9th June
A recent "CIAMFlyer" remembered Maynard Hill’s transatlantic flightfrom 2002.

Click the picture for further information.


7th June
Click for up to date points of the club f/f contest.
John says "The scoreboards were completely illegible by the time I arrived home, but fortunately I had copied most scores onto a notebook as a back up. After a couple of e-mails, I believe the figures now to be correct. The second round of the Bernie Nichols Trophy has been postponed to our next event on Friday 4th July, and the final round will be scheduled for a date in August."

There was at least one KK Elf being flown last Friday. John had some kit boxes with him (before they had to be put away to protect them from the rain). So don't forget to buy yours and build in time for Flying Aces in September. Click for more information.

5th June
Thanks to John "Sky Larks", the latest edition of the club magazine is now available. The printed version will be posted today whilst the e-mail should have just arrived. The magazine will be available to non PMFC members in a month or so.

I couldn't resist showing just one photograph though, click the small version and predict an article from which it came.

3rd June
Something of a surprise for those at the FM Free Flight yesterday was the presence of a small fair, sound stage, stalls and Classic Cars, however errant models kept to the trees, bushes and long grass.

Pleased to have Stan Mauger and Ricky Bould from New Zealand join us for the afternoon, although not for the evening as by 18:30 the rain that had been threatening really got going and we went home.....

John has managed to decipher the rain soaked result sheet and after checking with the 19 competitors who flew we should have the udates of the comps so far by Monday.

1st June
John sent the results of the P.A.C.T Challenge, the best five from each team and said "I should like on behalf of PMFC to congratulate our friends in the Auckland club on their victory, and we shall hope to put matters right next year."

Further from John a reminder that "The third round of the club F/F Championship is on Friday 2nd, 4pm, followed by the Bernie Nichols Trophy (any rubber job will do) at seven pm.

Also next Club C/L meeting "PMFC Mini Goodyear on Monday 5th"

30th May
A disappointing Nationals from the weather point of view, too windy Saturday, very comfortable Sunday and low cloud with some rain Monday.

RadioGlide this year was held over the same three days at BMFA Buckminster, with room for two events each day on the field. Things coming along at the site very well now. What I did notice was an anemometer attached to the house/office chimney. For a weather "actual" from the site try:-
scroll down below "BMFA BUCKMINSTER SITE STATUS" for the weather then further down, dated May 23rd a photograph of PMFC members.

28th May
Thanks to Mick there are a selection of front page photographs taken when PMFC members flew the UK section of the Cloud Tramp Challenge at BMFA Buckminster.

26th May
"Carpe Diem", the March edition of the club magazine, is now available to non members. Click for the full list of PMFC magazines, from where you can down load the latest edition.

No real need to remind you that the BMFA Free Flight Nationals are this weekend but perhaps a note that the June Ferry Meadows Free Flight Competitions are on this coming Friday, 2nd June.

24th May
Terry Tippett sent a message saying that he and David Caudrey had updated the web address of Norcim. (Click the "meter" for the new address.)

I made the change in the PMFC links page and told Terry who replied:-
"Thanks a lot Tony. I think a lot of your older members will remember 'Micron Radio Control'. Ada (wife) and I remember customers coming from Peterborough to our shop in Sandiacre in those micron days.
Cheers Terry

22nd May
Thanks to Stan there is an early edition of the June "Slipstream". (Click the logo for a .pdf download). Early, as Stan is coming to the UK and will be flying scale at the Nationals and also joining PMFC members for the Friday afternoon flying session at Ferry Meadows on 2nd June.

In "Slipstream", from a UK perspective, there is an excellent interview with Peter Smart, who was visiting New Zealand; as well as the results of the NZ part of the Cloud Tramp Challenge. I have also heard from John regarding the Challenge who said "Sharon Ashmole has received the Auckland Cloud Tramp scores. They are now in a sealed envelope to be opened at a suitable time on Sunday at the Nats. All she will say is that they are close."

20th May
Cloud Tramp Challenge - Message from John.
"It happened! Rain eased off, eight flew, there were maxes and adventures and a final score to compare with Auckland's. Great fun, and all present are willing to do it again next year. Full report in mag, due out shortly after Nationals."

Click for details of the Challenge.

I went along to see how things went, to have a first look at BMFA Buckminster and to take some photographs. Failed with the photographs, (battery problems!) but impressed with the enthusiasm and quality of the Cloud Tramp flying in the light rain. Had some enjoyable flying myself with a couple of freeflight Mercurian Mites and F3K models.

Click to keep up to date with happenings at the new National Centre, via the "Buckminster Blog"

18th May
Another busy weekend coming up.
A reminder from Brian L that "PMFC members are supporting Nene Park Trust - Discovering Ferry Meadows, this coming Sunday from 10.00 -16.00 in Oak Meadow with a BMFA hit the spot Aerojet event. Flying of our usual small silent models allowed. I'm sure members will realise why it is important we support NPT."

Saturday is Brum Fly at North Luffenham - details in Meetings/Events on the left.
John is looking after two events for SAM 35. Also sports flying, click the photo for a video from last year.

16th May
Click for some snap shots from the BMFA regional meeting at North Luffenham on Sunday.




14th May
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs.

12th May
BMFA F/F Area Meeting at North Luffenham on Sunday, with MayFly at Shuttleworth on both Saturday and Sunday. - See Meetings/Events on left for more details.

10th May
Mike Woodhouse in BMFA News made a mention of HAARP - "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program". Click the picture for the information on Wikipedia.

Click for the GeoEngineering Watch much longer article.

Two consecutive days of good flying weather reminded me of the articles....

8th May
An auction of "Aeromodel Engines, Kits and Engineering Equipment,
Saturday 20th May 2017, 10:30 am". - Click their logo for the catalogue.

Unfortunately this clashes with another Vulcan Central Stores Open Day.
Click their logo for details.

No "latest updates" until after Sunday 7th May

Later on 3rd May
Click for the results after the second club free flight competition of the year.

John said " A cold and blustery afternoon, but, when the going gets tough..... "

3rd May
Spotted a leaflet "High Flying Women - Pioneering Aviators" and discovered this was an exhibition at the Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum, a local museum I had not come across before. Click their logo for more details.




1st May
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, these from the first club f/f comp of the year, run in excellent weather.

2nd club f/f comp of the year is tomorrow, Tuesday, 2nd May.
See Meetings/Events on the left for further details.

29th April
John O'Donnell, 62 consecutive F/F Nationals......
BMFA Tribute - - - - - - - Family web site

27th April
Thanks to Stan the latest edition of "Slipstream" is available.
Click the logo for a .pdf download.


25th April
A busy month coming up with the 2nd club free flight championship event of the year next Tuesday, 2nd May, then something each weekend for the rest of the month, finishing with the free flight Nationals on 27th, 28th and 29th.

See Meetings/Events on the left.

23rd April
A reminder that the Ace Kit is avilable - click the photo.

Always an interesting read and with lots of quality photographs the May edition of Radio Control Soaring Digest is available from today.
Click for a .pdf download.

No new "Latest Updates" until Sunday, 23rd April

16th April
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs.

14th April
I hadn't realised there was a history of April Fool spoofs at "Vintage Wings of Canada".

Click the graphic for the whole ten year list....



12th April
The Mills are Alive.......

Click the poster for more information.





10th April
From John:-
"The first round of the club f/f championship took place Friday in perfect conditions. There were 25 entries, which may be a record for recent years.

Here are the points gained: they are awarded as last year, 4,3,2,1,1,1,1. It is a five round contest so the best four scores will be totalled at the end of the season.

Second round will be on Tuesday 2nd May and will be followed by the first round of the Bernie Nichols Trophy."

Click for results.

8th April
At Bushfield tomorrow, Sunday, 9th April the BMFA Indoor Scale Technical Committee have arranged for flying from 10:00 until 17:00 intended mainly as a trimming session for the Indoor Scale Nationals at Wolverhampton on 23rd April. However they have made it clear that all are welcome.

6th April
Click for the Free Flight & Space Modelling Nationals Entry Form, includes SAM35 Gala.

The Scale Free Flight Nationals Entry Form wasn't available 07:50 6th April but click here in case it is now in place

Stan Yeo of Phoenix Model Products has some interesting things to say about the way the model trade is moving as well as giving hints and tips in his Spring Newsletter. Click for a .pdf copy.

2nd April
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs.

27th March
Whilst I have it clear what one or two of the CIAM "F Classes" represent it is handy to have a full list, which turns out to be much longer than I had previously thought, with a large number of the classes provisional. Click the graphic for a .pdf download.

No "latest updates" until next Saturday.

25th March
Excellent indoor flying session at Bushfield today.

Winner of the bottle of wine spot landing was Bob Atkinson.
The BMFA Dart contest was hotly contested with three models having flights of over 40 seconds. However the task was the best two flights and it was David Leech who won with 34:06 + 35.00, Ivan Broom 2nd with 30.38 + 28.32 and Bert Whitehead 3rd with 27.7 + 27.65

Two Elf models were being tested, although one had been converted to electric power.....

This was the last of the PMFC indoor session at Bushfield for the Winter although on Sunday, 9th April the BMFA Indoor Scale Technical Committee have arranged for flying from 10:00 until 17:00 intended mainly as a trimming session for the Indoor Scale Nationals at Wolverhampton on 23rd April. However they have made it clear that all are welcome.

23rd March
Don't forget indoor flying at Bushfield on Saturday, 10:00 - 13:00 - for details see Meetings/Events on the left.

Ace kits will be available for purchase:-
From the Vintage Model Company web site:- "The Flying Aces Elf is a version of the KK Elf we have produced as a "special" for the Peterborough Flying Aces Nationals, taking place on Sunday 3rd September 2017 at Ferry Meadows, Nene Park, Peterborough, PE2 5UU.
Identical to our standard KK Elf replica, this edition has parts cut from lightweight, graded balsa and includes a sheet of Esaki japanese tissue.
We're sponsoring the prizes for the Elf competiton so be sure to enter!"

20th March
Click for an update to the 2017 Flying Aces Schedule - the Scale Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) events had been omitted from the original.

17th March.
BrumFly, Saturday, 20th May at North Luffenham is now in the Meetings/Events on the left.

A busy weekend with "Discovering Ferry Meadows" on both Saturday and Sunday. Also "Visit and Fly" at BMFA Buckminster on both days. £6 flying pass, free to non-flyers.

BMFA National Centre website launched.
Club Support Officer posted on 17/03/2017 17:58:00

Actual web site of BMFA Buckminster

This posting changed on 18th March as it initially mentioned BMFA Buckminster, the comment was then outdated by the web site launch announcement.

Also announced on 17th via BMFA
"The GBR Indoor Duration (F1D) team of Mark Benns, Martin Judge & Anthony Hebb have taken the Team silver medal again at the FAI Championships that finished today. Anthony Hebb's Individual bronze medal was the icing on the cake! Well done Mark, Martin & Anthony!"

15th March
Indoor Flying at Impington Village College, next Sunday 19th, followed by a PMFC session the next Saturday on 25th March at Bushfield. Further details in Meetings/Events on the left.

There are two halls at Impington, the main activity in the smaller one is electric RTP.
Click "The RTP Hut, for information and supplies.

Then some videos of rtp in action:-
RTP Combat - - - - - Short Mayo composite project - - - - - Avro Lancaster

13th March
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs. This set from the Free Flight Nationals in 2015 and 2016.

11th March
I mention RC Soaring Digest quite often as a quality on-line magazine that is wide ranging. Click for the March edition as a .pdf download. Everything from a simple workshop tip via F3RES, a class that several PMFC members fly, through "Morphing Wings" to aerofoils for the dynamic soaring models whose speed is approaching that of sound.

Not from RCSD but an interesting video on a model bat.

9th March
Bryan has been plane spotting from his garden:- "About 16.00 I saw this plane with floats fly over. Dashed upstairs to the laptop and brought Flightradar 24 up to find that he was now over Chesham and that he was G-LAUD a Cessna 208 Caravan. He landed at London City at 16.28hrs. And he flew over my house!"

Click the picture for more information on the plane.

7th Mar
Help needed on Thursday 16th March.

The Peterborough School Building and Flying BMFA Darts programme.

The above project is being managed by Manny Williamson from the BMFA.

Manny Williamson recently gave a talk to PMFC members at Peakirk Village hall regarding the Buckminster Lodge Flying Site.

Manny has requested help from PMFC members for the Dart building and flying programme at the Peterborough School.

This project is part of the Science programme for the school. Some 40 11-14 year old students will take part. There will be an estimated 8 teachers to support the students on the day.

Manny has requested PMFC members to support the building and flying programme.

If you can help please contact Brian Lever 01733 252416 so he can co-ordinate the numbers with Manny

6th March
I have mentioned "Vintage Wings of Canada" several times. Click for another excellent web page from them, "The Right Place at the Right Time, powerful aviation photographs from the second world war". Quality text and photographs.

4th March
Thanks to John PMFC members will soon have the club magazine for March 2017 "Carpe Diem".
An e-mail has just gone out giving the link to download the mag for those who receive it that way.

There is the 2nd Area Free Flight meeting of the year at North Luffenham on Sunday.
More details in Meetings/Events on the left.

2nd March
Thanks to Stan the latest edition of "Slipstream" is available.
Click the logo for a .pdf download.


28th February
A message from Brian L "We have had a request from Nene Park Trust to support their "Discovering Ferry Meadows" weekend on Saturday/Sunday 20/21st May. I am looking for volunteers to be available to showcase our aeromodelling activities including allowing the public some "hands on" experience."

Anyone who can help could perhaps contact Brian when they see him next or at

I have added the event to the Meetings/Events calendar on the left where the list includes those events that can be easily reached from Peterborough. I think it is now pretty much up to date for the rest of the year now. If you spot any I have missed please let me know.

26th February
Another batch of excellent front page phtotgraphs from Mick, this time taken at the club auction. An extra with this group, click the Brian Lever "thumbnail" for a caption competition.


24th February
Just in case you have missed them, two important BMFA publications, click for full details.
One:- Scale Indoor RC Nationals Entry Form & Details
Two:- 2017 Free Flight Nationals Information, May 27th - 29th

22nd February
Click the BMFA logo if you would like to download the updated Free Flight Contest Rule Book.

An additional souce for getting the Elf kit by post, (see below), is direct from Brian Lever. E-mail him at for more information.

20th February
Another enjoyable session at Bushfield on Sunday.

Click the newly arrived Elf boxes for some snap shots to give an idea of what went on.

John Coleman, with his Hanger Rat won the bottle of wine spot landing competition.

From the Vintage Model Company web site:- "The Flying Aces Elf is a version of the KK Elf we have produced as a "special" for the Peterborough Flying Aces Nationals, taking place on Sunday 3rd September 2017 at Ferry Meadows, Nene Park, Peterborough, PE2 5UU.
Identical to our standard KK Elf replica, this edition has parts cut from lightweight, graded balsa and includes a sheet of Esaki japanese tissue.
We're sponsoring the prizes for the Elf competiton so be sure to enter!"

See the link at the top of the page to the 2017 Flying Aces Schedule.

17th February
At this time last year Mike Fantham was reporting on GBR flyers in California. He is back again this year and has continued the thread. Click the inside view of Chris Edge's glider for the report, the 2017 section starts well down page 2.

The latest FAI bulletin has news of GBR fliers away from home. This time full size glider pilots at their World Championships in Australia.

Click for the FAI Report. - - - - - - Click for the Championship web site.

15th February
A visiting speaker at Peakirk this coming Friday, 17th February. Manny Williamson, BMFA Development Officer, is coming to talk about, among other things, the new central flying site and its facilities.

Don't forget indoor flying at Bushfield on Sunday 19th, 10:00 until 13:00.
For full details click Meetings/Events on the left.

13th February
After a particularly doomy weekend from the weather point of view we can all be cheered up by news of Flying Aces for 2017, on Sunday 3rd September.

Click for the 2017 schedule.

11th February
There is a a Hanger Rat Competition in Nottingham on this coming Sunday, 12th February.

Next PMFC indoor meeting is also on a Sunday but the 19th.

See Meetings/Events on the left for further details of either session.

Something for Busfield perhaps? Click on the "Magnus effect plane" for a video that Chris from Soo Modellers spotted.

9th February
With news that the R/C and C/L Nationals are scheduled for Barkston this year Mick has come up with a new set of front page photographs from the 2015 event.

6th February
Good news that the BMFA Nats, both free flight and power are scheduled for Barkston this year.

Rod sent a message that "at a recent FFTC meeting the dates for the nationals events for E36 and E30 have been swapped. E30 is now for the first time ever on the Saturday and E36 on the Monday. There are several members who might be in for a shock if this information is not passed on to them."

The Nats dates are now in the Meetings/Events listing on the left. With a reminder about the E36 and E30 swap.

The "technical outage" mentioned on 5th Feb lasted longer than expected as I wasn't able to update the 5th Feb items until earlier this morning, all seems well now though.

4th February
Chris Ottewell, in his latest "Tailend Charlie" piece in Aeromodeller spotted a Weetabix offer from 1957 of an Auster AOP. I then discovered there is a whole web site about the various items offered on cereal boxes. Could Ray Malmström have had a hand in the one on the right? Click the Shredded Wheat packet for the web page. Or click for the Mercurian Mite plan and information from Outerzone.

1950's was the Dan Dare and Mekon time but the Mekon was the ruler of the Treens of northern Venus, so not sure how Mercurian fits in with all this.....

Friday there was a "technical outage" that affected the PMFC web page, which came back on-line in the early afternoon. We did get a polite apology though from 123Reg.
Click here if you are curious to read it.
Turned out the apology was a touch early, as you couldn't reach the web site for most of Saturday either. Seems OK now though.

1st February
Thanks to Stan you can click the magazine header and download the February edition of Slipstream.


30th January
Another enjoyable session at Bushfield on Saturday. We are always pleased to see visitors from other clubs, with Impington members having details of their Indoor Flying on 19th March. (See Meetings/Events for full details). We enjoyed a bonus from Leon Cole at Belair, whilst Mike Bowthorpe had a useful collection of electronics items for sale.

Spot landing winner was David Leech flying a Heavy Stick designed by Tony Hebb which was mentioned in the BMFA magazine last Summer.

Next PMFC meeting at Bushfield is SUNDAY, 19th February.

28th January
"Schneider Trophy for Control Line" is the heading for an article in the latest Aeromodeller that describes Leicester MAC members making a "pond" for control line take off and landing. (A mention of PMFC and similar ponds is made in the piece.)

There are three events this year and I have added them to the Meetings/Events on the left. Click for more information.

26th January
A coffee table book for those interested in "British Model Aero Engines 1946 - 2011"

Click the book cover for details. It is possible to browse the first few pages and get an idea of the general style. However at over £60 you will have to be keen to actually buy.

Indoor flying at Bushfield Saturday.
Don't forget the £5 spot landing competition......

24th January
Another batch of excellent photos from Mick for the front page. Excellent weather for this years post Christmas flying session.

22nd January
A topic of conversation at the last indoor session at Bushfield was the connectors used by the commercial providers of small electric models and batteries. The best listing I have seen comes from the Australian www.micronwings.com.

Click on "RC Connector Types Guide" for their list, don't forget to also click the link "More info here" for each connector.

On the subject of indoor flying, the next session at Busfield is this coming Saturday, 28th January. See Meetings/Events on the left.

20th January
Jon spotted that "the link for Small Flying Arts Forum is the old one which went offline some time ago. The good news is that SFA is back and there is some ongoing effort to rebuild the lost forum archives."
The address is:-

Whilst the main page of Small Flying Arts is at:-

18th January
In the Links section there are listed a number of on line publications. Have you any favourites I could add to these?

16th January
Jon spotted that Nottingham MAC have a Hanger Rat competition at the Harvey Haddon Sports Centre on Sunday, February 12th from 15:30 until 18:39. Click for their club web page. I have added the details to Meetings/Events on the left.

Next indoor meeting for PMFC is Saturday 28th January 10:00 - 13:00, again details in Meetings/Events on the left.

14th January
"For a Few Seconds More", the December edition of the club magazine, is now available to non members. Click for the full list of PMFC magazines, from where you can down load the latest edition.

12 January
I mentioned winning the spot landing comp at Bushfield on Saturday.

Unlikely as it may seem the undecorated depron model was "semi-scale". The full size aircraft on which it is based is an interesting one. Click the 3-view for further information.


10th January
A new set of front page photographs from Mick, thanks for those. This set could be called "times past".

8th January
Another enjoyable session at Bushfield yesterday, particularly so for me as I won the £5 spot landing prize......

Click the t/n for some snaps of what went on.



5th January
Indoor flying at Bushfield on Saturday, full details in the Meetings/Events on the left.

£5 to be won in a mass launch, spot landing competition, flights must exceed 25secs.

3rd January
Whilst browsing the Anzani information, (see 30th December), I came across "A Satirical View of Early Flight:" Wiener Werkstätte Postcards by Moriz Jung, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Click for the web page

1st January
www.flightradar24.com provides a view of commercial airline flights. On 29th December Bryan spotted and passed on this photo of his screen and said:- "Seen on Flighthradar24 some very accurate flying. Unfortunately I didn't get the aircraft type and registration."

Click the t/n for a larger version.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail


I was curious about the accuracy of the free stats programs,
so started both of these on 29th May 2015 and will see if the results coincide.

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