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An update to my original depron Mercurian Mite control line article.

Mercurian Mite

As Brian Lever suggested that perhaps a tad more power would be very useful for doing loops and wing overs? Just adding another cell to the original outrunner motor didn't work at all as the motor was never designed for 3 cell use.

I have therefore dumped the original outrunner and uprated the Mercurian Mite to fly on a 2500kv £8.00 Ebay brushless outrunner using a 11.1 Volt 3 cell 320mA Hyperion G3 CX 25C power pack that cost £8.42 from Micron. The prop is a standard 99p Gunter white plastic prop and I now have a 0-10 minute KP timer courtesy of Ian Middlemiss.

Gentlemen, be afraid ....   This is the exact same power set up I used to fly my Concorde and Oini flying wingmodels at Ferry a couple of seasons ago! On those occasions, both models were in the region of 12-14ozs AUW flying with a measured static thrust of 13 ozs at 5.5amps. My math says that is about 55 Watts.This Mercurian Mite is only 4.2 ozs AUW with the same 13ozs thrust output so I guess the word ballistic just doesn't do justice here. Dear Brians x2 , are you ready for this?

Ted Szklaruk
25 November 2011

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