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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

31st December
Click for some Ray Malmström models in Canada

29th December
Thanks to Mick for a new set of front page photographs, these from a rain free Flying Aces 2012.

I was on the A1 passing Peterborough at 8:30am on the Ferry Fly In day - in torrential rain....

GC27th December
Click for a Canadian Gyminnie Cricket from Christian Moes.

A mixed set of forecasts for todays Ferry Fly In, looks possible though!


25th December
A reminder from Bernie:- "Ferry Frost Free Fly in on Thursday morning, 10 a.m. till whenever. Soup, turkey sarnies, 4 day old mince pies and bring yer wellies.

Santa C/L23rd December
The November (No 72) edition of "Sticks and Tissue" is available at the RPMAC web site.

The usual excellent read, with a topical model, about 1/3 the way through the .pdf file.



21st December
I have added a Weather Link, (bottom of menu on the left), to the web site. Click the link to find out why I chose Metcheck.

19th December
News of the RTP last Friday put me into nostalgia mode and I searched for "Harry Butler" the main, possibly only, supplier of RTP equipment in the mid to late 1970's. What I did find was a nicely presented "history" of the Keil Kraft Handbooks, which mentioned Harry Butler. The link came from the David Lloyd-Jones web pages.

The Harry Butler equipment was sold by Ballards RTP, who are still in business, as are Proops Brothers, who had a good line in Mabuchi motors at 25p each, which were ideal for the lighter models. Proops are no longer in Tottenham Court Road but in rural Leicestershire, nor are they selling 25p Mabuchi motors.....

17th December
Click for an excellent piece from Ian on:- Propeller Matching A Brushless Motor.

15th December
Ted was busy with his video camera at the club meeting last evening.
Click for:- 2.4Ghz RTP - - - Auction of M'amselle kit - - - Not sure what is going on here...

13th December
Thanks to Mick there are a new set of front page photographs featuring PMFC members.

11th December
Click to see the latest "members model", this one from John Asmole.

9th December
Chris from Canada heard about our indoor meeting and wondered if anyone was flying "no-cal" in the UK and passed on this link for plans:- www.parmodels.com/Plans/nocals.htm. The link describes the models as "profile models, hence the name No-Cal or No Calories." Brian W disputes the name derivation saying "I am old enough to remember when the class was started by clubs in NOrthern CALifornia hence "NO-CAL".
There was one example from PMFC, the very neat WW1 bi-plane that Peter Adams was flying. It appears in several of the photos in this gallery. As well as in two of the current front page photographs.

7th December
The membership page has been updated with the fees for 2013, which are now payable. Also the next Flying Aces will be on Sunday September 1st 2013.

6th December
A new group of front page picures, from Ted of the Bushfield meeting.
Click for more photos from Bushfield taken by Ted

A quality "Winter's Tale" arrived in the post yesterday, the latest of the PMFC magazines produced by John Ashmole, an excellent read.

4th December
I was browsing the BMFA site and came across this obituary of Tom Smith, aeronautical engineer, which I found interesting.

Vulcan Book2nd December
As ever the Vulcan is short of funds.
You could help a little by buying this new book.
Click for full details.

Click here for the main Vulcan web page.

Soaring Fair30th November
A big bring and buy sale at Oadby Sports Centre, Leicester, together with trade stands, which include Inwood Models, Punctillo, and West London Models. Click on the logo for full information and travel details.

Obviously aimed at R/C Soaring but the main stream traders have a full range of products which could well suit PMFC members. The closest modelling fair to Peterborough?

29th November
Mention of the new Aeromodeller on 24th November, with its digital copy of the 1935 edition reminded me that Zoe Quilter has been publishing scanned copies of vintage Model Aircraft Magazines. Click for the whole list, which is being looked after by Colin Usher.
Or click for Zoes own web site at www.fuelsoaked.me.uk

27th November
Thanks to Ted for his "gallery" of the Bushfield meeting, which captures very well the enjoyable "feel" of the session.

26th November
Those who braved the high winds and floods yesterday had an excellent indoor session at Bushfield. The good news is that Brian was able to book two more sessions, both 10am until 1pm. The first on Sunday, January 27th the other on Saturday, 6th April.

The Gyminie Cricket competition was popular, with 8 entries in 9gm and 4 in 3gm

Ted was busy with his camera so I hope to have some photographs from him in a day or so. Meanwhile I was taken by an r/c electric powered, Gyminie Cricket, also a simple template for small rubber models. Click for more details.

24th November
The first issue of the new Aeromodeller is due on December 13th.
Bi-monthly at £30 for six printed editions or £17.99 for the digital version. They have an "app" for those with tablets, that gets you a free digital copy of the 1935 edition.
The editor is American and will edit from America. Click to read "An introduction to Aeromodeller’s new Editor", plus further down the page comments on the article.

22nd November
From Bernie:- "A reminder that our AGM is this Friday @ Peakirk, 7.30 start. We'll do our very best to keep it crisp and pertinent."

Thanks to Mick Page there is a new batch of front page photographs, these were taken at the Power Nationals 2012

20th November
Next Sunday. Indoor flying at Bushfield 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. (This is the first of the proposed Bushfield dates. Featuring 2 Gyminie Cricket comps, standard and unlimited.)
The Mike Lucas Memorial Fund helped with the hall hire.

Our friends in Canada have moved indoors for the Winter and have been experimenting with carrier landing......

18th November
I have bought one or two DVD's from Planestv.com and am now on their e-mailing list. This brings sales messages but usually accompanied by links to short excerpts from their latest DVD. This is enjoyable, 2 or 3 minutes of full size aircraft flying I wasn't expecting. Very much taken by the latest, not so much of the aircraft but of the pilots features as he works hard to complete the show. Click to see the video.

16th November
The October (No 71) edition of "Sticks and Tissue" is available at the RPMAC web site. Yet another excellent read.

14th November
Two front page pictures in this group, one from David Parker, the other from Ted Szklaruk, thanks to them both.

12th November
I was impressed by the "Plane Makers" article in the October BMFA News featuring Dave Platt. Click for a link to his web site.

10th November
Click for the Gyminnie Cricket - a repeat of Bernies mailing from the beginning of October. As the indoor season moves on there might be some items to add to the page.

8th November
Thanks to Andy Sephton for his very well received talk on "Competative Indoor Free Flight Scale Modelling" the other Friday. Thanks also to Ted, who took some snaps.

6th November
Thanks to Ted for this "gallery" of snaps from the Impington indoor meeting on 28th October.

4th November
Some links that might be of interest:-
www.photopaperdirect.com and www.youtube.com/user/PhotoPaperDirect contacted us about their products and sent a sample pack, which we can add to the items to be auctioned on 30th November.

Two examples of quality "by return" service:-
www.modelfixings.co.uk for nylon as well as metal fixings.
www.phoenixmp.com for R/C type products, good for small, quality servos.

I have seen a couple of Cox .049s being "looked at" recently, try:-

27th October
Don't forget indoor flying at IVCMAC on Sunday - click for full details.
Sorry to say I shall miss that, also there will be no updates to the web site until after Saturday 3rd November.

26th October
The reason that Christian Moes from Canada contacted PMFC in the first place was the page on indoor control line that came as a result of the experiments with the Mercurian Mite. Christian was also working with indoor control line models, a Phantom Mite in his case.

In the current set of front page photographs is Ted Szklaruks Duo Monoplane. Another coincidence was that both Christian and Ted should do their own take on such an unusual model. Click for information about both models, as well as the American on-line publication RC Micro World.

24th October
The front page photographs have changed again. Thanks to Mick Page for this set taken at Flying Aces 2012.

22nd October
Thanks to Christian, here are two more videos from Canada, this time he and his friends have been doing some small size glider towing. - - - Also some bomb dropping.
Browse down below the video to read Christians notes about the models.

20th October
For those of you who don't subscribe to the newsletter Mike Woodhouse produces.....
Mike has a surplus of Tan II rubber and is asking for "offers". Click for details.
Click on http://www.freeflightsupplies.co.uk/ for all the latest news.

18th October
It is a month since John Ashmole posted the September, printed edition, of the club magazine. It is now time to have it available on-line, click to see the .pdf file.

17th October
The September (No 70) edition of "Sticks and Tissue" is available at the RPMAC web site. Another excellent read, with top quality illustrations.

15th October
Micks photograph from the front page taken at the Grantham Gala can be seen at "Picture Details", whilst we are back to the set of photographs of Flying Aces provided by Dave Bent, which initially, were only in place for 4 days.

13th October
An entry to the "Gallery" from Christian Moes in Canada. The Veron mini Robot, electric as well as Cox .049, this time as a small glider tug.

11th October
Two videos from Canada, indoor control line with the "Micro Phantom Mite" featured in Q&EFI plus another "micro", this time a "Veron mini Robot" with a Cox .049. Photos and videos of electric versions to follow. Thanks to Christian Moes for these.

Turned out that running videos direct from the computers that "host" this web site was too slow. Using Youtube makes it much faster, even if you do get all the extras.....

9th October
Last Sunday at the Grantham GP gala Mark Benns D/T failed on his super light discus glider (see home page photo). What followed was one of those truly amazing flights as it stayed aloft for 30 minutes and 10 seconds and still landed in the field! Mark never found out what caused the D/T failure as it went off a few feet off the ground. That's really a flight of 30 minutes and 12 seconds then. I know this is true as I was there and thanks to the drift changing direction 180 degrees half way through the flight and zero wind strength I even managed to see it for about 26 minutes and that's without binoculars!
Thanks to Mick Page for the report and photograph.

7th October
I have just heard from Christian Moes and have put some photographs in the Gallery, which he sent last December but as that was before his piece about the "Micro Phantom Mite" was published in Q&EFI we kept them back until now. Click for details of the plan. - Which is free in the current Q&EFI. Christian makes a speciality of "reducing" well known models see his plan for the Micro Super 60, which is also featured in the photographs.
See 30th September, below.

5th October
Thanks to Dave Bent for the current set of home page photographs taken at this years Flying Aces.

3rd October
Mick kindly pointed out that the events page had missed next weekends "Grantham GP. Comb R, Comb G, Comb P (no electric), mini vintage, combined HLG/CAT. Usual free buffet, weather permitting. Contact Phil Ball 01332 665361, phil.ball@ntlworld.com"

Later today I heard from Bryan Lea that:- "The Selby Trophy will be flown for F/F Scale at the Grantham GP on Sunday 7 Oct. Documentation needed."
Contact Bill Dennis 01623 882620

2nd October
Thanks to Bernies message I have updated both the Events page as well as the one for Meetings.

30th September
Back home to find the latest Q&EFI, which included "Micro Phantom Mite" from Christian Moes in Canada. He gives PMFC a good plug in the article. Click for a reminder as to what Christian had to say last December on the PMFC web site.

22nd September
No web site updates until after 29th September.

Thanks to Dave Bent for another batch of Flying Aces photographs, which are on show in the "Gallery".

20th September
Paid up members of PMFC should now have received the September edition of the club magazine. John Ashmole has done an excellent job, both interesting and entertaining.

Front page pictures from today are from Mark Benns, taken at Flying Aces. - Thanks for those.

18th September
Thanks to Brian W for the following:-
On Sunday 23rd September The International Plastic Model Society and Spalding Model Club are putting on a show called "Wings and Things" in aid of Lincs Notts Air Ambulance at the Spalding Girls High School, Cley Lake, PE11 2 PJ.
It includes Club and Special Interest group displays,Trade stands and Refreshments 10.00am to 4.00pm ; Admission - Adults £2; OAP £1; Children under 16 £1
Go and "Make a model at the Airfix stand"
Click for more details.
(If it is like the Peterborough Show there are often good aircraft reference books available)

15th September
There is another of the ever popular Impington Village College indoor meetings on Sunday 28th October 2012, 9.00am to 5.00pm. Click for full details.

13th September
Wendy from www.perfect-pilots.co.uk e-mailed saying:- "I got your email address from your Club website, and wondered if you would please consider adding me to your list on the Links page. I am a small home based business in Kent, supplying handmade scale pilots.

If you need "full body pilots in ¼ and 1/3 scale" the web site is well worth a look.

11th September
The August (No 69) edition of "Sticks and Tissue" is available at the RPMAC web site. Another excellent read, with top quality illustrations.

9th September
Amazing weather for Old Warden yesterday, likely to be as good today but with more wind. The good news is that the word was that three aeromodelling meetings have been booked for 2013.

Thanks again to Dave as I have been able to add more photographs to his Flying Aces Gallery.

8th September
Thanks to Dave Bent for his Flying Aces photographs, some of which are on show in the "Gallery".

Ted was flying his Bill Dean 1952 Duo Monoplane in the evening at the Nats when Nigel Hawes from RCM&E magazine took a couple of photographs. I have added these at the bottom of the original article.

6th September
Apologies but two results were initially missed from the Flying Aces listing. The winner of “Young Flying Ace” was James Day of Cleemac, whilst the “Concours” winner was Peter Iliffe

There is a new set of Flying Aces front page photographs, thanks to Mick Page for those.

4th September
Two days at Old Warden gives us another busy weekend....

Vic Smeed Tribute Week 2012
As announced in the December 2011 SAM 35 Speaks, we propose that the week Sept 2nd - 9th should be dedicated to celebrating Vic Smeed's designs on a world-wide basis. Please send your photos and anecdotes of/about flights made during this period to Power Struggle columnist Mike Parker (mikedparker@tiscali.co.uk).

In addition there will be special events at the Vic Smeed Memorial Day during the OW ModelAir Festival of Flight weekend (Sept8th/9th). Please bring along your Vic Smeed models for display on the Sunday, when a Concours award will be presented.

3rd September
The front page pictures are some snaps from Flying Aces, to give a "feel" of the event. Quality photographs due soon...

2nd September
Flying Aces:- Lucky with the weather today, light winds with just two short drizzle sessions - lift about as the owners of several lost models will confirm.....
A most enjoyable day out!     CLICK FOR RESULTS

31st August
The links section on the web site is something of a mish-mash but I have just let a "link-checker" loose on the page, so the links should all work......
Please let me know if there any I should add.

29th August
Thanks to Rob Smith who sent me some snaps of the Nats control line and I have added some of my own from the Free Flight Scale to produce a page for the Gallery.

27th August
I called in at Barkston Heath on the way back from flying F3K at Wetlands, Retford, which is where this years Silent Flight Nationals took place. Arrived to find a "proper" Summer evening, with light winds and sunshine, and an appreciative audience who clapped the flights. The front page snaps are intended to give a "feel" of the Free Flight Scale event.

24th August
Barry Baxters Control Liner Plans Service - USA. "This Site dedicated to the preservation and dispensation of over 300 Model Airplane Combat and Stunt Plans from the experimental years of the 1950s and early 1960s."

22nd August
Those of you who remember the mid 1950's might also remember the singer Carol Carr, you might not know about her interest in model aircraft.......

20th August
I ordered some things from from Sams Models last week, which arrived promptly on Saturday and included an advertising sheet for the 17th Peterborough Flying Aces Nationals, so it looks like they are including the sheets in current orders.

Gives me a chance to remind you of the two busy weekends coming up, with the BMFA Nats at Barkston next weekend and Flying Aces on Sunday 2nd September.

18th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs. This time of models competing in the bungee launched, less than 36" span series at Ferry Meadows, organised by Pete Gibbons. Full results and a report in the next club magazine.

16th August
Click for full results of European Free Flight Champs.
Click for full results of F1D World Championship.

14th August
Thanks to Bernie and Martin Judge for the following:- "Just seen results sheet. Mark Benns was 5th and British team 2nd at F1D World Champs."

A touch different to F1D - I caught a glimpse of the Vulcan on Saturday as it was on its way to display at Eastbourne. Click for an interesting video shot from Beachy Head.

mugs13th August
Ted spotted these on E-Bay and thought some PMFC members might be interested. Click for details.


12th August
Another page from "An Album of Aeroplanes (Civil)".

10th August
There is now a search facility specific to the PMFC web pages. See the link at the bottom of the left hand menu - give it a try!

8th August
David Lloyd-Jones has a web site devoted to "Used, old, and collectable aeromodelling magazines and books for sale".

6th August
Those of you with youngsters at home or in contact with teachers wanting an art project might like to look at the FAI 2013 Young Artists Contest.

4th August
For the next couple of weeks the front page features photographs taken at the club control-line field on 23rd May 2012. Thanks to Mick Page for those.

An enjoyable session at Ferry Meadows yesterday afternoon and evening. Mixed conditions with variable wind and showers. Thanks to Pete Gibbons who was able to run three low key comps. Full results and details in the next printed magazine.

2nd August
More on line reading for you, this time Sticks and Tissue No 68 – July 2012 from James Parry via the Raynes Park Club

A little late with this reminder but I have just spoken to Peter and the Ferry Meadows Friday evening P20 Rubber and catapult glider is on in the afternoon as well, from about 2pm through until the evening - rain permitting....

31st July
The PMFC Magazine, Summer 2012 edition is now available as a .pdf file.
It is about a month since the print edition was mailed.
Check out the archive......

29th July
On the front page for a few days some snaps from the interclub contest at Barkston yesterday, just to give the "feel" of the meeting.....
A summery day but a little blustery.
It was John Ashmole who got the Bowden this time.

Aeronca27th July
From John Ashmole, news of his Aeronca.





Pi in the Sky25th July
There has been some information recently about the Raspberry Pi, a low cost computer designed for developers and to hopefully enthuse youngsters in the way the Sinclair Spectrum did 30 years ago. One development that is going ahead is by the Open Relief Organisation.

Click for a "Raspberry Pi IN THE SKY" news report.

Bowden Winner23rd July
A good day out at Sculthorpe yesterday, particularly for Bernie. Click for Ians report on the Bowden.

21st July
There were just four of us at Ferry last evening from 6pm onwards, a touch cold and a little blustery but quite flyable. General talk at one point turned to aerodynamic theory - as it does..... This reminded me that Radio Controlled Soaring Digest for May this year had a very erudite piece on the "Wave Theory of Lift". Click for a large .pdf download, you get some good R/C Soaring pictures and information as well.

19th July
Further news about Teds Bill Dean Duo Monoplane.

18th July
Some reminders:-
This Friday evening at Ferry Meadows, P20 rubber and catapult glider.
Bernie sent a message on Saturday encouraging people to come to the two 2 Bowden comps. The Stan Horne Memorial event at Sculthorpe, next Sunday and the Tony Dunsterville Memorial at Barkston the following Saturday.

Duo Monoplane16th July
A Bill Dean Duo Monoplane from Ted.

14th July
Thanks to Mick Page for the latest set of front page photographs, these from the "Picnic in the Park" on 29th June.

12th July
From Australia "Model Engine News: July 2012".

Aeromodeller10th July
Just in case you haven't seen the current Aeromodeller adverts - click for more information

8th July
Sticks and Tissue, No 67 June 2012 is available from the Raynes Park Club web site.
James Parry has gathered together another excellent edition.

6th July
Recently came across this YouTube link of a 3D printed plane.
Interesting in itself but it turned into a great time waster as I was offered all sorts of "extras" from drilling square holes to perpetual motion machines......

Tee Shirt4th July
Just seen the picture on the right of the Bowden CD......

The History and Competition results page has changed to suit this years Bowden Comp.

2nd July
Mike Woodhouse at Freeflight Supplies has a news letter to which you can subscribe; click here for a .pdf version if you have missed issue 68 the June edition.

30th June
A note from Brian Waterland in response to me saying I thought it too windy for any flying yesterday afternoon:- "Amazingly 8 flew in Hi start Glider at the "Picnic" and, even more amazingly, I won!". - Congratulations to all......

From now on the club magazine, edited and produced by John Ashmole, will be available on the web site.
First is the Spring 2012 edition.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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