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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

Flying Aces Schedule for 2013 - Sunday 1st September at Ferry Meadows

30th June
Today is the second day of the BMFA East Anglian Gala at Sculthorpe. Sunshine and a touch breezy for the first day, with a similar forecast for the second day.

Closer to home is Tuesday July 2nd, with "Picnic in the Park" at Ferry Meadows plus two rounds of the Club free flight competitions. From 2pm onwards.

28th June
A new set of front page pictures, this time they are photographs taken by Mick at the Free Flight Nationals Scale competition.

28th June
A new set of front page pictures, this time they are photographs taken by Mick at the Free Flight Nationals Scale competition.

24th June
Teds Pizza Neezer has reached Norfolk.......
Click for larger photograph.


22nd June
The latest club magazine arrived by post yesterday, a quality production, thanks to John.
I am much taken by the front page note "Produced in conjunction with our website". Really it ought to be "in spite of our website", as it is very easy for me to put up photographs within hours of them being taken and not leave any for the magazine.

Non club members will be able to read the magazine on-line in a month or so.
Click for previous editions.

20th June
Some doubtful weather pending, so if you are stuck indoors here is an unusual piece about Spitfires used by Americans in the war for you to watch.
Thanks to Richard Arnold for the link.

18th June
The Wessex Aeromodellers League is designed to provide LOW-COST local competition for club modellers and to dovetail with normal club sport flying at club flying fields.
Worth a look, there are also newsletters to down load.

16th June
Thanks to Ted for the new batch of front page photographs, Ted was intrigued with this video from CNN of a flying bicycle.....

11th June
3rd attempt at the June P20 and Hi-start glider comp this evening at Ferry, providing the weather is O.K......
No further web site updates until Sunday, 16th June.

10th June
Click for a video of a particularly fierce thermal in action as it takes the plastic covering off a strawberry field in Pupping, which I think is in Austria.

8th June
"Outerzone ...because we love it when a plan comes together" - worth a look for the comprehensive plans listing.

6th June
The "sunny" part of the Tuesday forecast was right but it turned out to be too breezy....
The comp is now due tomorrow, with the forecast much the same as it was for Tuesday, lets hope it does calm off by 7pm this time.

4th June
Looks like it will be sunny but a touch breezy for the second of the competitions at Ferry Meadows today. Flying from 1pm. Contest flights from 5pm until 7:30pm.

3rd June
Ted also took some photographs on the Saturday during the Nationals weekend. I have added his to those on the "Scale Models at the 2013 Free Flight Nationals" page.

1st June
Click for an excellent batch of photographs from Ted of the Bowden Trophy at last weekends BMFA Free Flight Nationals.

30th May
Front page pictures from Mick Page, videos of the Bowden from Ted Szklaruk and additions to the scale page from Bryan Lea.

Lots to look at today - thanks to all the photographers, Bernie should get a mention as he took over Micks camera and at great personal risk took this one. Click on the picture for the full size version.

29th May
Picked the following up from Radio Control Soaring Digest, they said it had been circulating for some time, I had missed it though.

"Crinkle, crinkle, little spar,
strained beyond the yield-point far.
Up above the world so high,
bits and pieces in the sky..."

By Darrol Stinton, author of The Design of the Aeroplane, The Anatomy of the Aeroplane, and Flying Qualities and Flight Testing of the Aeroplane. Turns out Darrol Stinton is an interesting person and I found this article on the web. Click for a technical read....

27th May
Sunday was an amazing day at the Nats, sunshine and light winds. The max required to start with was 2 1/2 minutes and was increased to 3 minutes by mid-day, that says it all! There was a busy flight line and appreciative crowd at the Bowden, which was enjoyable.
Another date for the free flight diary is the Brumfly at Barkston on July 7th, when, according to the poster, Elvis is due....

Mick was busy with his camera on Saturday as was Ted on Sunday, so some photographs to come. Meanwhile on Saturday David Parker, a PMFC member said " there was a scale contest on Saturday and the Club was well represented" and went on to say "Must admit being a member of Peterborough MFC does make on feel a bit elite!! Must get a T shirt."
Click for the photos he sent.
Later on Monday Andy Sephton sent some photographs of the scale event, I have added these to the ones from David.

25th May
Nats off to a good start with sunshine; touch windy at the beginning but strength decreasing during the day. Some front page snaps from Tony Beckett to give a "feel" of things.
A plus was a fly past of the BBMF Lancaster with Spitfire and Hurricane.

23rd May
Free Flight Nats this weekend, weather likely to be "mixed", with the various forecast sites differing on the detail....
Thinking of Barkston, I have just added the Sam35 Octoberfest on Saturday, 12th October to the Events page.

21st May
On 10th May I passed on the news that Micron R/C was closing down however I have just read the following:- "I have been overwhelmed by the number of emails and telephone calls expressing sadness that Micron was closing. So much that it has caused me to rethink the closure"
Click for further information.

When the r/c change over from 27Mhz to 35Mhz happened I put together the Micron transmitter kit and several of their receivers, these are rather too clunky now, especially as people have moved on to 2.4GHz. They are close to being junked but if anyone has a use for them I would be happy to pass them on.
Let me know if you are interested.

19th May
Click for the ultimate e-soarer.

17th May
FAI Young Artists Contest, click for the 2013 winners.
After a brief glimpse of the paintings you could go to the bottom of the page, click the "Aeromodelling" link and catch up on what is happening at FAI level.

15th May
The usual excellent "Sticks and Tissue" from the Raynes Park Club, number 77, April 2013.
Of especial interest to those who fly scale control line models.

PizzaNeezer13th May
Despite the blustery winds and showers Ted was at Old Warden yesterday.
Click for the whole photograph but put your sun glasses on first......

If you are curious about Ebenezers try these links.
Colin Hutchinson - - - - Ebenezers in Australia


11th May
Thanks to Pete Gibbons and Dave Rumball organised who the contests on Tuesday and to Dave who has just sent the results. Click for the .pdf file.

Good to see that overall there were 20 competition entries. Next one is on Tuesday 4th June.

10th May
Sad to say that "due to a combination of circumstances, Micron R/C is closing down. All products will continue to be available while stocks last and are available at discounted prices on the Sale pages - www.micronradiocontrol.co.uk/sales.html. The product web pages will remain on-line for reference, but the 'buy' buttons have been disabled; purchases should be made from the 'sale' page where the stock level plus original and discounted prices are shown.

All of the great Flight Line Plans, Stevens Aero, Mountain Models and Parkscale Models micro kits are still available and currently have a 15% discount. Take a look at them via the model browser or model sale web pages."

The kits and plans are worth a browse for the non R/C flier.

8th May
Good turn out yesterday for the first Ferry club comp of the season, helped by sunshine and light winds.

Thanks to Mick for the new batch of front page photographs. These from the Ferry Meadows Easter Fly-In, 2012.

6th May
Two reminders from Bernie.
First Ferry club comp this season tomorrow, Tuesday 7th.
Flying from 1pm. Contest flights from 5pm until 7:30pm.

Also two more videos to add to those we have for the BMFA Indoor Nats in April.
Click for the page.

4th May
Just come across this piece on battery technology that I found interesting. Click to see the page "Engineering at Illinois"

1st May
The latest front page photographs are "From jets to hi-start gliders". Mick provided these at the end of March. They were only used for a couple of days as pictures from Good Friday at Ferry and then those from the Bushfield indoors session took their place.

29th April
Model Flying Machines from New Zealand:- "This site is for those interested in making flying models of the early aircraft." There is also an interesting links section.

27th April
Continuing with the scale theme, PMFC was well represented at the Indoor Scale Nationals last weekend with 5 entries in the kit scale competition. Click on www.scalebmfa.co.uk for full results.

Thanks to Pete Fardell for letting us embed two of his videos. - Click to see them.

26th April
Thanks to Bryan Lea for:- "Over on Hip Pocket Aeronautics Builder's Forum there is an interesting discussion going on re. scale documentation. This is applicable to indoors, outdoors, F/F, R/C and C/L in fact all scale classes where there is static judging against the full-size aircraft photos."

25th April
Just seen the following:-
"The FAI has released a new publication, the 2012 FAI Annual Report, designed to present the most notable achievements, developments, facts and challenges of the past year. It is meant to be a reference book for all those who are interested in air sports events and the FAI. "

Click to download the .pdf document (6.5MB).
Aeromodelling is on page 5. - I'm still browsing the whole document, which I found extremely interesting, very wide ranging but concise for each of the varied disciplines. Also it is produced using modern web technology, which worked well on my PC.

I can never remember why the aeromodelling part of FAI is called CIAM, it is "Comité International d'Aéromodelisme"

23rd April
Thanks to Ted for the latest set of front page photographs, taken at Bushfield at the beginning of the month.

21st April
I had not realised that there were quite this many servos available.
Click for the chart, which was last updated in June 2012.

19th April
DJ Aerotech, an interesting American web site - now in the PMFC Links

17th April
During the Christmas period I watched, with mixed feelings, "James May's Toy Stories: Flight Club". The magazine "Quiet and Electric Flight International" got involved and their April edition has an article on the subject. - Click for brief background.
Click to watch the whole television program which is available on YouTube.

I also heard from Denis Oglesby, the author of "Understanding Aerofoil Data for R/C Soarers" who has commented in the Aerospace Insight Blog hosted by the Royal Aeonautical Society where there is a lengthy article about the " aerodynamics behind the scenes" of the model. Go right to the end of the article for the comment from Denis.

15th April
I have had a tidy up on the    Events    and    Meetings    pages, please let me know if I have missed anything.

13th April
News of the Morley May Day Gala, (including a Bowden style event), made me realise that the Northern Model Flyer web site was not on the PMFC links list - it is now.

11th April
I forgot to mention earlier in the week that thanks to the editor, John Ashmole, the Spring 2013 edition of the club magazine is now available as a .pdf download. Those of you who have mislaid their printed copy can now browse online....

9th April
Thanks to Ted who took some good photographs at Bushfield on Saturday.   -  Click for the Gallery


Ted also videoed this interesting blimp from Richard Granger.


7th April
Thanks to Mick for the new selection of front page photographs taken at the Easter Fly-In.
It was a lot warmer and far more comfortable at Bushfield yesterday where there was an excellent turnout for the indoor session. Again we were pleased to see visitors from other clubs.
Click for some snaps that give an idea of the session.

5th April
Don't forget indoor flying tomorrow - see 3rd April entry.

The March edition, no 76, of the excellent "Sticks and Tissue" can be found at the Raynes Park Club web site.

3rd April
Don't forgot indoor flying next SATURDAY at Bushfield Leisure Centre, 10am until 1pm.
There will be trimming sessions for those competing in the BMFA indoor nats.

Following on from the Felixstowe F3 mentioned in Sundays note. I happened across a Japanese animated adventure film called Porco Rosso involving a bounty hunter chasing "air pirates" in the Adriatic Sea after World War 1. The aircraft involved are all sea planes, encompassing Felixstowe F3 style up to Schneider Trophy look alikes.
If you are curious there is a Japanese trailer on YouTube.
Also further information in Wikipedia.
Which includes a section on "History and politics" as well as "Homage to early aviation."
An R/C model of the Porco Rosso sea plane.

1st April
I have enjoyed "the Plane Makers" series in BMFA News. The most recent was on Petr Kanopasek from the Czech Republic, who together with two friends run "Small Flying Aeroplanes" specialising in plans and some parts for scale models from the early days up until the 1930's. Even if you think it unlikely you will build a model of this sort the web site is well worth a browse for the quality of the colour illustrations of the aircraft.

To encourage you there are several free downloads, including an excellent calendar, illustrated by Radek Gregovsky, from which the Felixstowe F3 (above) was taken.

30th March
Thanks to Ted for the current front page pictures and this batch in the gallery.
A very hardy group of PMFC members!

29th March
Good Friday Session at Ferry Meadows 10am until 1pm - forecast is better than it was at the beginning of the week.....

For those who stay at home and would like something to browse the "Winters Tale" edition of the club magazine is now available as a .pdf download. - Thanks to John for that.

27th March
Dazzle camouflage scheme on a Keil Kraft flying scale SE5......




25th March
Ian has written an update to "A Small Field Duration Model for Electric Sport Free Flight".
He says "Build time about a mornings worth." - Perhaps have one ready for the Good Friday session at Ferry Meadows, 10am until 1pm? Although from what Metcheck have to say about the weather, there is unlikely to be too much flying done.....

23rd March
Thanks to Mick Page for the latest batch of front page photographs. From hi-start gliders to jets....

18th March
Research Paves Way For Larger, Safer Lithium Ion Batteries,
with luck there will be some smaller ones as well.

No web page updates until after Saturday, 23rd March.

16th March
The "Bumble Bee" is about again - click for more info.
Don't forget indoor flying tomorrow at IVCMAC.

14th March
Indoor flying at IVCMAC this Sunday, 17th March - click for full details and intructions on how to get there.

12th March
Icarus Cup 2013, Friday, 19th July at Sywell - This is the very first time that this sport has featured in the FAI Events Calendar. The actual event is taking place over a period of 9 days between 19th and 28th July.
Not too far from home, might be worth a visit to see how much model technology is used in Human Powered Flight or the other way round come to that....

Crimps10th March
Up until a couple of years ago I had made use of Ashtek for supplies of servo/battery lead plugs and sockets, having intially bought their "crimper". They were also good for half sized receiver crystals. They stopped trading and I have only just come across an alternative for bulk buying of these items. (No crystals but they do have some electric motors, a couple of which that might be worth a try.)
Technobots Electronic and Mechanical Components

8th March
Sticks and Tissue, No 75, Feb 2013 is available from the Raynes Park Model Aircraft Club web site. The usual excellent read....

5th March
Danny Fenton, who writes the scale column in RCM&E, mentioned www.rutlands.co.uk as a tool supplier. They have a wide range of top quality hand tools, I was particularly taken with this very expensive ruler.

Two Mercurian Mites3rd March
I had forgotten that it was as long ago as 2011 that Mercurian Mites started appearing. There are a pair of new ones, a third of the way down the page at "Mercurian Mites seen so far"



Foot Launch Glider1st March
I was taken by this video of the Ruppert Archaeopteryx, there is a bungee launch about half way through.

Click for the Archaeopteryx link on Wikipedia.

Thanks to Denis Oglesby for the information.

27th February
There is a new set of front page photographs, thanks to Mick Page for those.
You can review all previous front page photographs from the "Picture Details" link at the bottom of that page.

25th February
Thanks to Brian W this years Flying Aces schedule is now available. - See top of the page.

Statue23rd February
Click if you are curious as to why there is an aeromodelling statue....




21st February
I spotted some people with Cox engines last year and there has been a link to the Canadian Cox International web page for some time. Christian has just pointed out to me they have a regular newsletter. Click for a .pdf download.
The web site has a link that says:- "Click to read the “Aeromodeller Magazine” report about us". which brings up an interesting report from the the "new" Aeromodeller.

19th February
'Meteorology For Glider Pilots' - the pilots in this case are for the F3J r/c class.
Click for the BARCS web page where the article appears.

17th February
'The Model Aviation Digital Library (formally known as the archives) is one of many benefits to members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Over 400 issues of Model Aviation have been converted digitally into searchable articles and features. Each issue appears just as it did at its original time of publication, complete with period advertisements. It's a great resource that provides you with access to every "how-to" article, plans build, product review, AMA news, feature and event coverage relating to aeromodeling.'

This archive will eventually be for AMA members only but at present appears to be open to all. Click for access to this amazing rescource.

15th February
"This website will examine the role of the model aeroplane in aviation history."
An Australian web site, interesting browsing.....

13th February
The "Eagle Book of Balsa Models" - 1959 with ducted fans and flying indoors......
Click for the latest news, with videos and pictures from Christian Moes in Canada.

11th February
Some additions and changes have been made to the "Meetings" page. Thanks to Brian for those.

Thanks also to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, freeflight from 2011 and 2012.

9th February
There is a professionally produced video about F1D due to be released later this year.
Click for the web page containg the details. - - - - Click for the video trailer.

7th February
Sticks and Tissue, No 74, Jan 2013 is available from the Raynes Park Model Aircraft Club web site. The usual excellent read....

5th February
In the Autumn I mentioned the web sites of Free Flight Supplies - Mike Woodhouse and Zoe's Control Line Aeromodelling Site. Zoe continues to scan old model aircraft magazines, see the icon at top left of the screen. Both these sites gather a great deal of international interest and make use of "cluster maps" to show their international "hits".

As I knew there was at least some interest in PMFC from abroad I couldn't resist this and added a cluster map of our own. You can see the map by scrolling down below the text on this page, then double clicking on the small map and once the large map shows scroll even further down for written information.

3rd February
A Small Field Duration Model for Electric Sport Free Flight
Ian Middlemiss



One Knight1st February
I have just heard from Christian in Canada - click for his latest news.


30th January
Only a slight connection with model aircraft but worth a look?
Click for "Cool Components".

28th January
Thanks to Ted for the group photo at the top plus some excellent videos including several of the visiting scale models, with the builders talking a little about what they have done.
Click for the videos.

27th January
An excellent session at Bushfield today. A good turnout of the usual flyers and we were pleased to welcome several new club members, a visiting group from Nottingham with their splendid scale models plus Andy Sephton who was bungee launching a Slingsby Prefect Mk1 scale glider based on a Veron kit from the 1950's.

Click for some snaps to give a "feel" of the meeting.

Alula25th January
I have mentioned Radio Control Soaring Digest several times as an extremely well produced web magazine. The current edition I found particularly interesting with details of a re-written flight simulator for iOS and Android tablets as well as Windows. There is also an extensive article on the Alula Evo, a foam slope or side arm launch flat field, easily transportable model.

Click for the .pdf download.

23rd January
The events and meetings pages have been updated. Please let me know if I have missed any events or there are links that I could put in to others lists.

A more immediate date is next Sunday 27th when the club has hired Bushfield Sports Hall at Orton Centre, Peterborough from 10.00am to 1.00pm Cost £5 to fly in an uninterrupted span EIGHT badminton court hall.

21st January
The latest batch of front page photographs were taken at the control line themed evening on January 11th January at Peakirk. Thanks to Mick for those.

Boston Beagle19th January
Thanks to Jonathan who has provided a report and a video of last evenings indoor flying session at Whittlesey




18th January
The only connection with what we do are the thermals but I was taken by this representation of "2013 World's Task 7 - 23 Top Pilots 228km Head-To-Head".
Click for the web site of the 19th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship.

16th January
Click for a very erudite article on the 2012 F1D World Championships Scoring.

ControlLine14th January
The meeting at Peakirk where members talked about their control line models was a success.

Click to see the talks that Ted videoed.
Some more added 15th January



12 January
Back in August Mick provided a set of front page photographs based on the bungee launched glider series organised by Pete Gibbons. I am using them again as this group was only used for a couple of days as it was overtaken by photographs of the Nationals.

Click for a listing of all the front page photographs that have been used.

10th January
For a web site with links to lots of calculators have a look at www.factorywriggs.co.uk - not just calculators but all sorts of other things including links to Vintage Videos and the Pathe Newsreels that include model aircraft.

8th January
Click for Canadian Coincidences - Pee Wee Pal and Sopwith Tabloid from Christian Moes.

6th January
I was late with the reminder of the November edition, catching up now as the December (No 73) edition of "Sticks and Tissue" is available at the RPMAC web site.

The usual excellent read, the quality of the close ups of engines is particularly good.
A burst of nostalgia induced by the photograph of the ED Bee.

4th January
There was an article in QEFI about laminated structures by Bill Bowne, it included a links to:- Working with Balsawood by Paul Daniels, worth a look at this comprehensive American web site.

2nd January
As Richard Arnold said, who pointed this out to me, "you can ride up front in a De Havilland Mosquito, fantastic on full screen and HD if you have it. Not modelling but I thought it was brilliant.


Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail

Clustrmaps was first set up on 19th October 2012.
I was curious if there were many visits to the web site from outside the UK.