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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

30th December
Bernies mention of a club calendar got me investigating one for the web site. Obvious choice was the Google calendar but this involves a lot of other Google type things and could be intrusive, so I went for 'Localendar', which provides a calendar and nothing else.

Using a calendar of this sort meant that the links, Meetings and Events, on the left of the screen, could be combined, so give the calendar a try from there. Scroll down below the calendar as there is other information on the page.

If you wish you can put www.localendar.com/public/PMFC directly into your browser and see just the calendar.

Just basic details are shown by the month but if you click on any event then further information 'pops up'. You might have to adjust your browser settings if you have chosen to stop 'pop ups'.

28th December
Forecast for todays Ferry Fly In has remained the same at bright but windy....

Thanks to Mick, the front page photographs have changed from Christmas wishes to remembering good weather at Ferry Meadows in 2013.

26th December
Dont't forget the Ferry Fly In on Saturday. Forecast at present is bright, frost free but windy.

Click for the photograph that Bryan sent of the 2006 Ebenezer day at Old Warden.

24th December
Thanks to Mick for the holiday season front page photographs.
Click for a some videos and things to do in the next few days.

22nd December
Click for the last indoor flying update of the year from Soo Modellers in Canada.

20th December
It is the PMFC Christmas Party and Quiz tonight at Peakirk.....

I am on an FAI e-mail list which gives news of contest results but also produced a Christmas card this year.
Click to see the card plus an 'oddity' from Geoff.

18th December
It was in www.hippocketaeronautics.com that Jonathan spotted a link to the video '180 is Max' by William Pettigrew, 1972, a film of the 23rd world free-flight championship in Göteborg, Sweden. This is from the National Film Board of Canada, click on their logo for the 16 minute production.

16th December
From the January 2014 edition of Radio Control Models and Electronics Nigel Hawes "Leaves his transmitter at home and proves that model aeroplanes can be just as much fun without a guidance system". This leads in to a five page colour spread in the magazine with news of Pboro Fet Timers, PMFC as well as Ted himself.

Click for more information.

14th December
A recent Gibbs Guide had an interesting indoor model as a download.
Click for the web page.

12th December
The popular hi-start glider competitions that started last Summer have a connection in Canada.
Click to see what Christian sent.

10th December
I have mentioned 'PlanesTV.com' in the past and I occasionally get sent a link to the 'trailer' for their latest production, here is another one I enjoyed.
Click for the last RAF Leuchars Airshow. (Scroll down a little for the actual video.)

Added 12th December
Duxford Spring Show 2013 - - - Duxford Autumn 2013.
(As above scroll down a little for the actual videos).

8th December
Click for a quality article from Jonathan on "Equivalent Dihedral Angle".

6th December
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, this time from the R/C Nats 2013.

4th December
A further update from Christian Moes in Canada.
This time indoor flying, with a Peterborough connection....

November - Photograph of the Month.
Click for Geoff Stringer from Norfolk or Mick Page from Peterborough, also Jonathan has recommended this one from Mick.

2nd December
Something for the next meeting at Bushfield (5th January)?

Click for the news item that Geoff spotted.


30th November
John, editor of our PMFC magazine, has been swapping information with his counterpart in the Aukland Model Aero Club, where Stan Mauger produces 'Slipstream'.

Thanks to the Aukland club who have given us the OK to make 'Slipstream' available on our web site.

Click for a .pdf download to see that on the other side of the world there is a club with similar interests to our own.

28th November
Remembering Ken Wallis MBE, who died in September this year.

Click to see some photographs from Geoff.


26th November
Click for the latest update from Christian Moes in Canada.



24th November
Excellent turnout at Bushfield yesterday, a big variety of models.
Click for some snaps of the event.

23rd November
Bryan spotted one of these at Impington, might we see it today at Bushfield?

Click for the discussion on Hip Pocket Aeronautics

Click for a Youtube video


21st November
Some dates pending:-

This coming Friday:-
A talk by Dave Shipton, following up to his club magazine articles on his experiences of building full size aircraft, (the Garden Minicab and Jodel), with examples of his work.
Peakirk Village Hall, Time 7.00pm

This coming Saturday:-
Indoor flying at Bushfield Sports Centre, Orton Centre Peterborough PE2 5RQ from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. Cost £5 for an adult flier. Mainly FF models however you can fly lightweight RC BUT NO Helis over 12" rotor or Shockies allowed.

Sunday 1st December:-
The morning before the BARCS agm in Leicester there is a Soaring Market. Obviously aimed mainly at r/c soaring but amongst the glider suppliers are Belair Kits, Inwood and Multiplex-RC UK.
From 9am until 1pm. Click for the descriptive bulletins. ONE - - - - TWO

Wednesday the 4th of December:-
PBMFC agm at Peakirk Village Hall

19th November
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs from this years Free Flight Nationals.

17th November
Inspired by the Mew Gull information from 3rd and 7th November Ian has been busy.

Click the small picture.


13th November
The Mew Gull information last week caused me to get out my cigarette cards again, so I have added another batch to the web site. Click for the page.

11th November
The October edition of "Sticks and Tissue" number 83 is available.
Click for the link to the Raynes Park Club.

9th November
Richard has just received a message from Martin Turner who is a keen modeller from Bristol. He said he has developed a searchable RC database which will feature every RC product in the world.
An ambitious project where Matin hopes modellers will get involved by, suggesting brands and products that RCReference.com has missed, adding photos/videos for the products they own, adding field reports for the products they have used and filling in missing product data. RCReference.com has been built as a labour of love. It is currently unfunded and is independent from any particular manufacturer or retailer.

Whilst most of the items listed are not those used by PMFC members it could be worth a browse - I found the list of servos useful, with the facility to order the display in different ways was particularly good.

7th November
More news about Shuttleworth and the Mew Gull. Since 3rd November I have heard from Jonathan and then a little later today from Bryan and have added their information to the page. Click to see the update.

5th November
Top end control line accessories from the Ukraine

3rd November

Shuttleworth and the Mew Gull
Click for more information.

1st November
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs, these from Flying Aces 2013.

Would a "photograph of the month" be a good idea?
Here are three for October, click the name to see the photograph.
     Ted Szklaruk - - - - - Mick Page - - - - - NMAC

30th October
Thanks to Bryan we have early warning of the Old Warden ModelAir dates for 2014 which are:-
May Fly 3-4 May
Scale Weekend 19-20 July (including WW1 commemorative activities)
Vintage Weekend 27-28 September

Click for up to date chatter on their Facebook page.

28th October
The annual auction of "Aero Engines" by Gildings of Market Harborough takes place on Saturday 9th November 2013, 10:30 am. Click for their on-line catalogue where there are nearly 500 lots, not all engines either, kits and so on.

26th October
The photograph of the month brought about a reaction and a vote for Moley who was "doing something, not sitting about talking"......
The web page can always find a place for your photographs, ideally taken by yourself but if you come across anything that particularly catches your attention then that is welcome as well. I have added one of the latter with the NMAC entry.

23rd October
Not all PMFC members were indoors away from the gusts and showers last Sunday. Three were out on an airfield winning prizes......
Thanks to Mick for the appropriate front page photographs.

20th October
Excellent session at Bushfield today, the front page pictures are to give you a "feel" of the meeting.
The high spot was Jonathan Whitmores scale rubber powered glider towing.....

19th October
A follow up on Bernies reminder e-mail.
Indoor flying at Bushfield Leisure Centre, Peterborough, tomorrow, Sunday. 10am until 1pm.
Mainly free-flight but with small r/c and small helis but no shockies.
£5 a person with £1 for juniors.

18th October
The September edition of "Sticks and Tissue" number 82 is available.
Click for the link to the Raynes Park Club.

16th October
Micron, in their latest incarnation, are doing a monthly newsletter.
Click to see the October edition.

14th October
Another excellent magazine from John. Click the cover for the .pdf version.



12th October
Thanks to Ted for the videos he took at Barkston of the September Bowden contest.
Click to choose from the list.

10th October
Bryan has spotted the latest of the quarterly newsletters from Cox Engines.
Click the photo for a largish .pdf download.


8th October
Click the photograph to see club members enjoying the Bowden contest at Barkston in September. Thanks to Ted for these.



6th October
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs, an excellent group from the Power Nats at the end of August.

5th October
The Ferry Meadows 25th Anniversary has surfaced again, this time spotted by Jon and featuring Dave and Pete.

Click the picture on the right for Chris Porsz – street photographer, who has done a Nene Park Project. The PMFC members feature on row 39, where, if you click that picture you get a larger version.

3rd October
Thanks to Tony Brookes who has sent some photographs of Flying Aces, which include capuring a mid-air during the "Swarm" at the end of the day. Click the photograph to see the whole set.



1st October
Updates from Ian:-
1. Just found out that E36 has been adopted as an official BMFA discipline using the US rules. So we should have E36 at the Nats 2014.

2. Its the Grantham Gala at Barkston Sunday 13th Oct. Events are combined rubber, glider, power, mini vintage and CLG/HLG. Entry is £5 and I think its Phil Ball organised, so there should be a decent buffet. I will be there with CLG and I hope to see Mick (with biscuits) and Jonathan.

Update from Bryan
The following info is from Bill Dennis.
"Aeromodeller has a new editor in Matthew (I think) Boddington, who is in the UK. He sounds committed to re-booting AM and so there will be a scale column again. If you have a new project and can supply a photo or two, please let me know."

Further from Bill Dennis. A correction re Aeromodeller editor's name. "Sorry, it's Andrew Boddington not Matthew Boddington." Andrew Boddington is the son of the late great David Boddington. Matthew Boddington's father Charles built the BE2 replica with David Boddington. David Boddington was the brother of Charles. Click the picture for a link to Matthew Boddington and a BE2 replica which he rebuilt, currently based at Sywell. - With thanks to the Daily Mail June 2011

30th September
Excellent news about the increased number of indoor sessions at Bushfield this Winter. The Mike Lucas Memorial Fund will make a contribution to the hire fees for one of those meetings.
Click for a listing of the dates on the Events page.

Click for the dates of the Peakirk club evenings on the Meetings Page

Scale Dates from Bill Dennis via Bryan Lea

Sun Oct 6th Selby Trophy - North Luffenham, 10.30am. Documentation required.
The BMFA 6th Area Centralised will be held at the same venue.
If the weather is bad the fall back date is Sun 13th Oct at Barkston Heath.

29th September
Thanks to Ian who spotted the bunch of photo boards erected along the Roman Point footpath at Ferry Meadows as part of their 25 year anniversary. Dave is immortalised.....

Click the picture to see a larger version.

20th September
Thanks to Mick for the new selection of front page photographs taken at this years Flying Aces.

There will be no web site updates until after Saturday 28th September.

18th September
Click the picture to see a combined RC car and a quadcopter.



16th September
An extra treat at Flying Aces was the BBMF Lancaster which passed by during the afternoon. We had already watched P Smarts excellent model. Click the photograph for a larger version.

P Smart was 1st in open rubber scale with his Beriev Flying Boat, whilst the Lancaster was 3rd in Open CO2/Electric Scale.

14th September
Lucky with the last of the Ferry Meadows comps yesterday evening, a touch blustery but quite flyable, with sunshine and warm enough to take off sweaters.

www.metcheck.com Re-vamped their web site Thursday, just in time to offer this today:- "the first significant storm system of the Autumn is expected to hit Britain and Ireland during the course of Sunday and Monday as an area of low pressure tracking close to northern Scotland deepens rapidly."
There is lots to explore in the "buttons" at the top of the page - I had hoped the new interface would be less cluttered but that was not to be......

12th September
Another excellent edition of "Sticks and Tissue" is available. No 81 - August.
Click for the link to the Raynes Park Club.

There is information about a free flight timer for those interested. On page 53 of the .pdf reader.

10th September
My exchange of modelling magazines with a neighbour has only just brought the September edition of RCM&E to my attention.
Alex Whittaker has produced an excellent article on the Scale comps at the Freeflight Nats, included in the piece are several PMFC members. For those who have not seen the article, let me know at and I will see what I can do.

Incidentally, after the e-mail scam a PMFC member recently suffered, I thought it worth mentioning that if an e-mail address is shown on the club web site it is in the form of a graphic, rather than text, so that it can't be "harvested" and used for nefarious purposes.

Nothing to do with the sort of models usually flown by PMFC members but I was taken by another article in RCM&E where a full size and large r/c scale aerobatic Extra were compared. Click here for a video of the full size Extra, flown by Chris Burkett

8th September
Click for a Facebook video of a Bumble Bee in the Nats hanger.
The video was by Steve Bennington of Kings Lynn MFC and the model flown by Zoe.
Ted said "Power is a Voodoo 25 with 5x3" prop, single 200mA cell and Pboro 1gram Fet timer which he made himself from my drawings. So nice when people do your stuff, it was lighter and flew even better than mine!"

The Bumble Bee has two pages in the "Members Models" section of the Club web site.
September 2010 - - - - - July 2010

6th September
Thanks to Mick Page there are nine new front page photographs.

4th September
Bryan Lea has spotted www.plotgiant.co.uk as a possibility for printing plans. I have put more details on the page where TilePrint was mentioned. Click for the whole page.

2nd September
Some snaps from yesterday added.

Click for Flying Aces Results

1st September
Warm and sunny but rather blustery. An excellent turnout with lots of flying done.
Click above for the results. The "swarm" picture on the front page is from Mick Page.

31st August
Make your Flying Aces flights tomorrow count Internationally.....

Just recieved the following from Jim Moseley in Canada. "I was looking at your schedule for the contest on September 1st and it occurred to me that so many models would also be suitable for classes in Caley Hand's Worldwide Poatal. 20", 25" rubber, Cloud Tramp, Catapult glider, Bungee glider ... and more.
I'm sending a copy of her contest flyer in the hope you might be able to publicise this Postal - likely too late for the 1st but .. it runs through to next mid-summer so there are many opportunities for flights to be made."
Click for the form that Jim sent.

29th August
You might not have time before Sundays Flying Aces to get a Motor Run Electronic Controller with DT and auto surface functions for Free Flight Competition and Sport Models fitted but it is well worth reading Ians article and planning ahead....

27th August
Good news from Bernie who said:-
"We did well at the weekend
Bryan Lea was 2nd in power FF scale (DH Beaver)
Andy Sephton was 2nd in Rubber FF Scale ABC Robin
Mick Taylor was 2nd in Vintage Stunt
and last but not least Waterland/Lever came 3rd in Mini Goodyear "

Front page photograph from Mick Page as a taster for next Sunday....

26th August
Although a touch too windy Sunday at the Nats was OK, warm enough to take off sweaters. It was good to be back at Cranwell for "Silent Flight". Four comps going on, with full size gliding from the North airfield. At times the sky seemed full of gliders, plenty of room for us all though.
Barkston at 18:30 was the busiest I have seen it, must have been really heaving earlier.
Click to see some snaps to give a feel for what was going on.

25th August
Not a good start to the Nationals, damp yesterday and I was woken this morning by the sound of wind in the trees and rain on the house window. Good chance the rain will be gone by the time flying starts but it is going to be windy.

23rd August
Will anyone from the club be using a Cox engine at the Nationals this coming weekend?
Two links, one from America, Cox International, the other I have only just come across from Martin Hepperle in Germany, just part of an interesting set of pages.

21st August
Front page picture from Timperley/North Luffenham - suspect Micks camera but who was holding it? - Turned out to be Graham from Grantham.

19th August
Hot off the FAI e-mail listing. Mark Benns 6th overall, leads the British Team into 2nd place at the 2013 FAI European Championships - F1D. Click for the results web page.

On a more mundane note I was taken with the idea of the Timperley Gala taking place in North Luffenham and called in to find Mick Page hard at work with his HLG models. I missed Jonathan Whitmore with his catapult glider but heard from him this morning that Mick had won the HLG competition.

Jonathan also asked me to pass on a message from Pete Gibbons that there is a 5th session of the Ferry Meadows competitions for P20, catapult and hi-start gliders. This is on Tuesday 10th September, with Friday, 13th as a reserve date.

18th August
Still further to "TilePrint", there has been another comment and you can now click for the page on the PMFC web site.

16th August
Jonathan has now found an English supplier for the rotary dampers he uses for light weight DT timers. However I was taken by the web site of the American supplier, (which was off-line Friday morning). What was available was the riveting video of the damper in action.....

14th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, mainly the Brumfly gala plus a couple from the Nationals.

12th August
Further to "TilePrint is a tool for resizing, tiling and printing images." that I mentioned on 4th August. Ian Middlemiss was enthusiastic about the basic version that I used and which is available from John Reaps web site. Whilst Bryan Lea pointed out that it is not necessary to buy a tile printing programme if the plan you require is in Adobe .pdf format as the ones on Outerzone are. Click for the link that Bryan provided where Adobe explains how tiling can be done.

Incidentally Outerzone, which is in the links section, is well worth a browse as a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans, click to go to their web page.

10th August
Bowden again but this time the man himself from 1932. Click for the video

Thanks to "Sticks and Tissue" from the Raynes Park Club for the link. The July edition of "Sticks and Tissue" is now available.


8th August
The correct date and venue for the Timperley Gala is Sunday 18th August at North Luffenham. Thanks to Jon for spotting the error in the PMFC Events listing. This reminded me of the Northern Model Flyer, which is in the links section.

Over the years PMFC has been responsible for creating /modifying the rules to a number of events. These rules have been published in various places but never brought together before.
Click for the August 2013 version
The rules are stored at the top of the Technical Articles area, should you want to refer to them later.

7th August
Ideal weather yesterday for the comp, food and drink as well! Thanks for setting it all up.
Weather looking good for the Mini Goodyear today as well.

A personal interest in the Gnome of which there were 4 competing, they have no trouble with the Hi-start but then have a mind of their own. One ended in a tree up-wind, whilst another in the lake down wind. Click for this post from India where a conversion for R/C and electric power is going on. Perhaps this is the answer.....

6th August
A busy two days coming up......
Today, Tuesday, afternoon and evening is the last of the four freeflight contests at Ferry Meadows for Catapult Glider, Hi-Start Glider and P20 - the forecast is good.

Wednesday is Mini Goodyear, this time at Thorpe Meadow, where Bernie says the grass has been cut and that he will bring along a practise model if anyone wants to have a bash at flying and or pitting.

4th August
"TilePrint is a tool for resizing, tiling and printing images." - Put on to this by Danny Fenton in the RCM&E "Make it Scale" column. He went on to describe putting 10,000 rivets onto his Hurricane.......
"TilePrint" can be used at the other end of the modelling scale and I was able to produce Mercurian Mite plans in a variety of sizes. The TilePrint version I used came from John Reaps web site, where he has a selection of useful PC tools. This version is a pre-commercial one with the minimum of facilities. I would like to hear from anyone who has used the Black Flight Models commercial version at $15.95, there is an evaluation option, to hear how they have got on.

2nd August
Click on the pictures to see videos of the Nationals 2013.

Top one is Bowden and Control line and the other is general free flight and the Bowden.

You will see one or two faces and models you recognise......

Thanks to Ian for spotting these and of course to the people who took the videos. Their names are listed on the YouTube page, together with a selection of their other work.





31st July
Thanks to John "Summer Lightning" - The latest PMFC magazine is now available on line.
For a complete list click on the Magazine link at the top left

29th July
The August Edition of Radio Controlled Soaring Digest put me on to some interesting information on ever smaller batteries.
"A research team based at Harvard University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has demonstrated, for the first time, the ability to 3D print a battery."Information is below the video.

"Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4, or LFP) is one of the newer materials being used in lithium-ion batteries."
Information is below video.

27th July
Thanks to Mick for the new batch of front page photographs.

25th July
Pleased to see that Mike Woodhouse gave the PBMFC web site a plug in BMFA News for the freeflight Nationals Pictures we showed.

23rd July
Click for some photos from Ted of the combat session last Tuesday, includes a video.

21st July
Both Ted and Mick have been busy whilst I was away, Ted first as his photographs and video deal with the combat session last Tuesday. His are the new front page pictures.

13th July
No web site updates until after 20th July.

A thread on RCGroups produced a quantity of veteran decals. (The display shows just the decals, go to the top left and click on "Post your vintage insignia and decals here" to get the whole thread.)
I found the Mercury one useful.

From Bernie
"A reminder that we are holding a 1/2A Combat meeting at our Thorpe Meadow flying site on Wednesday the 17th of July from (say) 2pm onwards. for those who are still in paying employ, we'll be there till the bitter end (late evening)."

11th July
I have only just spotted that Replikit is now owned by Vintage Model Company.
Well worth a browse.

9th July
Ian has produced another E20, this time using a Parkzone power unit.
Flight testing this evening, weather permitting.


7th July
Friday evening at Ferry Meadows was a delight, light winds and sunshine.

In case the weather continues like this don't forget that there are regular free flight sessions at Ferry on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 1pm until dusk.
Control line sessions on Mondays and Wednesday.
The next batch of club free flight competitions are on August 6th.

5th July
Wind strength on Tuesday was such that the July comp for Hi Start gliders was postponed until today - forecast looks good.

I occasionally have a look at TED, which brings together people from technology, entertainment and design and was much taken with what Raffaello D'Andrea and his team have done with quadcopters.

3rd July
The "Picnic in the Park" suffered from the weather, very little sunshine and gusty winds that were too strong for comfort. However there was plenty of food and drink and when I called in at about 3pm the numbers were building up, competition flights had been made and everybody was remarkably cheerful. Thanks to those who did the work for the session.

The Vulcan is at Waddington this coming weekend and on their web site they have released a "cockpit tour", a very neat piece of web programming. Use your cursor keys to pan round the cockpit.

1st July
Mention of the BMFA East Anglian Gala made me realise there is not a link to "BMFA East Anglia" on the PMFC web site.

Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Tony Beckett - Web Page Manager e-mail


Clustrmaps was first set up on 19th October 2012.
I was curious if there were many visits to the web site from outside the UK.