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Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

Intended as a reminder of what the web page has been showing over a period longer than a month. This means that links to ephemeral items might be broken.

Indoor meetings at Bushfield, Peterborough
Saturday, 2nd January - Saturday, 6th February - Sunday, 13th March
Indoor Scale Meetings.
Saturday, 2nd April. 10.00am until 2.00pm
Sunday, 10th April. 10.00am until 4.00pm

For full details see Meetings and Events on left

30th December
Continuing the Good Wishes theme, the FAI haven't forgotten us.

Click the "thumb nail" for the full size version.

Saturday, 2nd January is the first meeting of the New Year for PMFC, an indoor session at Bushfield.

For travel details and full information click the Meetings/Events menu item on the left.

28th December
Mick has provided an excellent end of year photograph for the front page, with good wishes to all.

Flying at Ferry on Sunday was hampered by rain. A dozen or so members stood about chatting under umbrellas, whilst four members flew during the "not so heavy" rain parts of the morning.

26th December
F-F-Ferry F-F-Frostbite tomorrow. About the only thing we can be certain about the weather for Sunday is that you won't get frost bitten. Forecast wind strength and possibility of rain has been changing daily for the last week, we shall have to just wait and see....

John has had a tidy up of parts of the PMFC Free Flight rules. Click for the latest version.

24th December
Click Bernies photo (thanks to RCM&E) for a mixture of items.




22nd December
Chris at Soo Modellers in Canada has continued to find some good video clips in his Video of the Week section. A bit late with this but I was particuarly taken with the one on November 29 showing the Kalinin K-7. Click the Kalinin for the page and then scroll down until 29th Nov.

20th December
An excellent entry for the Members Models section from John, click on "Playboy", Joe Elgin's 1939 design, for all the details.



18th December
I go along with Mike Woodhouse in the BMFA News when he mentioned the possibility of 2015 being the windiest year in the last 20. The web address he gave in the BMFA News was a long one, so in case you didn't get round to typing it click here for the article.

16th December
Brian L has passed on "Peterborough MFC Control Line Action In 2016".
You can see this by clicking Meetings/Events on the left. Scroll down for the whole Control Line Diary in one place or browse the calendar for specific dates.

Don't for get the Christmas Party at Peakirk this Friday - see 10th December posting for more information.

14th December
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs, this time of the 6th November "Bring a Model" evening at Peakirk.

12th December
"Plane Talking" the excellent, latest, PMFC magazine is available for members, the printed versions have been posted and I have just sent the on-line details to those on that mailing list. Let me know if you haven't received your e-mail.

Bryan spotted the "Fenland Swapmeet" which is on tomorrow. Click the picture for more details.

10th December
One for your diary:-
PMFC Christmas Party on Friday 18th December 2015 at Peakirk Village Hall 19.00-21.00.
Mince Pies, Sausage rolls, Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks all FOC.
Hit the spot Paper Dart Competition. Paper supplied and fold to suit. Prizes including nice kit!

Also discussion on 2016 programme including Auction and the Frost bite fly-in on Sunday 27th December from 10am.

8th December
A recent purchase from Micron Radio Control made me wonder what had happened to Terry Tippett, who had set up Micron in the first place.
It turns out that, together with David Caudrey, they run the Norcim web site, an excellent mixture of all sorts of things, well worth a browse. Click the "oscilloscope" for Norcim - then read Norcim backwards.

6th December
The latest Vulcan e-mail newsletter contained a link to "Vulcan Highlights from 2015", a 5 minute video with a mixture of in-cockpit shots as well as exterior ones. Click the Vulcan for the video, when it finishes Youtube then offers you an amazing quantity of other Vulcan videos.

4th December
Click the icon for the December and January edition of "Slipstream", the bulletin of the Auckland Aero Club edited by Stan Mauger.

A bumper edition, including, amongst a lot else, two pieces on Hanger Rats which should interest the Bushfield flyers and an excellent article from Guy Clapshaw that Stan said "fits the Christmas theme of this issue well, with his reflections on friendships and reminiscences going back to the early jet age."

Stan also included the message, "Please convey my best wishes to all in the PMFC."

2nd December
Click the icon to see some more cigarette cards from the "Aeroplanes (Civil)" Series.


30th November
An enjoyable session at Bushfield on Saturday, where we were pleased to see visitors from both Nottingham and Impington.
Click for some snaps taken at the meeting.

28th November
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, these are from Ferry Meadows and the last club Free Flight comp of the year.

On Sunday, Channel Four at 19:30, have a 90 minute program "Last Flight of the Vulcan Bomber". Instead of using a commentator and relying on the words of the engineers who are actually doing the flight preparation a "popular presenter" is involved........

26th November
Don't forget Bushfield on Saturday, last indoor flying session there this year.
More details in the Meetings/Events calender on the left.

I mentioned "What3words.com" on 17th October, here is a possible use for it for those who don't know the backdoor at Bushfield. Click the What3Words icon and put in "teach.value.lifts". Make sure you use the Esri Satellite as this is the most up to date of those on offer.

24th November
By chance I came across A British Pathe clip, (click the icon to see it), which featured P E Norman and I remembered the 1950's articles I used to read back then in Aeromodeller about his pendulum control systems and then later ducted fans.
A short burst of Googling brought up following two pieces, one from New Zealand, scroll down to the bottom for the 1951 Aeromodeller article. and another from the US, "P.E." - Britain's Best Designer February 1962 American Modeler".

22nd November
The latest CIAM Flyer gives a rundown on F1E, magnet steering slope soarers. Click the "magnet vane" for the download.

In the Summer of 2014 I took some photographs of F1E being flown near Burrough Hill. Click for these.

There are some F1E meetings in 2016 scheduled for Burrough Hill, click to see this early version of the Free Flight Calendar for 2016.

20th November
Rather late with this one but if you click here for the Soo Modellers Video of the week and scroll down to October 12th there is a link to a test flight of Monique Lyons amazing rubber powered Avro Shackleton. Monique is a regular flyer and previous prize winner at PMFC Flying Aces.
This link then led me to a general video of flying at Old Warden last September; best outdoor session of the year as far as I was concerned. Click the thumbnail for that one.

18th November
Using "2016 CAL PUB V2.doc" I have been putting free flight meetings into the meetings/events calendar for 2016. (See link on left).

Please let me know if you have anything to add to the list. PMFC members can have direct access to the calendar and update it themselves if they wish.

16th November
Bryan has spotted that:-
"Mike's Racing Products now has a website, previously he was only on Facebook.

He does a kit for the Polecat, Mini Goodyear model at £30. This is also a free plan in the latest, December, Aeromodeller magazine.

"What I really found interesting was a video of the 2014 F2C World Champs final. Three very evenly matched teams - amazing pit work and piloting. At the finish 4 seconds separated the 3 teams after 200 laps. Click on Gallery and scroll down to see it."

14th November
Thanks to David for the latest set of front page photographs, close-ups, mainly of indoor models.

12th November
Bryan and Ian continue to keep an eye on things for us....
Click for results of the Gildings Aero Engines sale.
Gildings have a "Toys, Models & Collectables" sale on November 17th. Not aeromodelling but a few live steam models and a few marine models at ridiculously low estimates. Some PMFC members might have an interest.

RC Library, vintage books, catalogues and magazines - This web site is basically Outerzone for books.

Click for Bryans comments.
(I was taken by the fact that some of the books I own are in the library, Tony)

10th November
Click to read some bad news about the use of Middle Wallop airfield and the future of SAM 1066.
Thanks to Bryan for passing this on.

8th November
There has been some discussion recently on the freeflight section of the BARCS forum about Radio DT, this bought up mention of two articles in the July Edition of "New Clarion" the SAM 1066 Newsletter. Click the icon for a .pdf download. The articles start at page 7.

6th November
Thanks to Bryan for pointing out that the IWM Duxford will be commemorating Remembrance Sunday in a number of ways and to encourage participation in the events are offering free admission to the museum.
Click for full details.

4th November
Amazing weather last weekend, we were lucky in this area with the fog/mist clearing quite quickly giving a late morning and afternoon of bright sunshine and unseasonal warmth on both days.

Denis in Yorkshire was out braving the mist. Click to see his photographs taken from "Dream Weaver.

Don't forget the Experimental Free Flight meeting organised by Phil Ball at North Luffenham this coming Sunday. For further details click Meetings/Events on the left.
Just heard that it has been cancelled due to poor weather forecast.

2nd November
I have not mentioned SOO Modellers from Canada recently but I was taken by their quality archive photograph from 1944 - click for the full size version.

When you get back to the SOO front page, scroll down for the post hole auger photograph - we could make our mark on Ferry Meadows with one of those.......

31st October
Indoor flying at Impington Village College on Sunday, see their web site for full details.

Thanks to Stan we have the November edition "Slipstream available, click the magazine logo for a .pdf download.

29th October
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs, these are from the BMFA Nationals, August, 2015.

Click for a complete list of front page photographs since Spring 2010

27th October
Thanks to Brian Lever there is a new set of rules for control line "Combat Racing"

Click for the whole list of Peterborough Control Line Rules in .pdf format.
or click here for the index of all classes of PMFC Flying Rules.

25th October
The latest club magazine titled "Above us, the Clouds" has been available to members for a month. Non-members can now download the .pdf file by clicking on the heading.

17th October
No further updates until after 24th October.

Ian has let me know the Gildings catalogue, see 13th October, is now available. As in previous years it is not just aero engines on sale.

I feel the following could be useful to PMFC but not quite sure how.
Click the icon for "what3words" and put in "sands.silly.surely" or "daring.this.loses" and you should arrive at the bush that PMFC members gather by during the Tuesday and Friday sessions at Ferry Meadows. Zoom in using either satellite for the best result.

The whole world in 3m squares............

Interesting to compare the three maps and two satellite images on offer, although the maps offer more once you are away from Ferry Meadows.

15th October
Thanks to David for the new batch of front page photographs, this time of full size aircraft, which were taken last year.

13th October
BMFA News usually has in it some web links and I normally read the magazine whilst away from a computer and then forget to try the links, so here is a list of those I found interesting in the recent edition.

Gildings Annual Aero Engine Sale, 7th November. (Catalogue not yet available)
Mike Woodhouse found this guide on eBay.
Mike also spotted Loctite 3090, a gap filling cyano, BUT at £25
Then there was "Keep Airfields Greenfields" a petition to sign.

11th October
Enjoyable session at Bushfield yesterday, thanks to Brian for getting those sorted out.

Two consecutive weekends at North Luffenham, Sunday 18th for the 8th BMFA Area meeting of the year, then Saturday, 24th for the Midland Gala.

If you want to stay indoors click the icon for details of the MMEE from 15th to 18th October at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre.

9th October
Click the Vulcan for details of the National Tour this Saturday and Sunday, not the weekend of the Vulcans last flight but the last time many of us will get the chance to see the aircraft flying.

Several "turning points" in this area should you be interested.

As the Vulcans flying times comes to an end the quality and number of the photos and videos of the aircraft increases. One I have watched several times is shot mainly from the Vulcan cockpit of its last flight with the Red Arrows and whilst I am wary of the "emotional" background music the editing is excellent.

On a more mundane note, don't forget indoor flying at Bushfield on Saturday.....

7th October
Thanks to David here are a batch of photographs from this Summer, click the t/n for the display.

Have a look in the "Gallery" on the left for other examples.


5th October
A model that appealed to me at Old Warden was an electric conversion of a Keil Kraft Competitor. This was by Arthur Ott, a friend from Essex. Click the picture to read what Arthur has to say about the conversion.


3rd October
The latest Slipstream from Auckland Model Aero Club is available - click the icon for a .pdf download. - Thanks Stan.


1st October
Thanks to Mick for the new front page photographs. Another set from Flying Aces.

You can find the Flying Aces results for this and past years via the history link on the left.

29th September
After a really excellent weekend for outdoor flying its is time to think about indoors again - although don't forget the regular Tuesday and Friday sessions at Ferry Meadows as well as the comps at North Luffenham on 18th and 24th October.

First a plug for Impington Village College on 1st November, see their web site for full details. Then the events at Bushfield, Peterborough. See panel above as well as Meetings/Events on the left.

27th September
Saturday at Old Warden was amazing, sunshine, light drift up the main runway, busy without being overcrowded, one I shall remember.

Time for the annual FAI Young Artist Contest, if you have children/grand children/great grand children who might be interested click on the icon for details.


25th September
Not only has John been writing the club magazine he has been building as well. Click the "Connecticut Yankee" for details.

Forecast for Shuttleworth tomorrow and Sunday still seems O.K. The good news being that the event is on.
Click for the Modelair Facebook page.

23rd September
I shouldn't have commented on possible good weather for Shuttleworth this coming weekend! Bryan has spotted the following on the Modelair Facebook page.

At time of writing, one week before the September Festival of Flight, part of the large car park at Old Warden is semi-waterlogged due to the excessive rain of the last few days. If the rain continues during the week leading up to the Model Flying event, it could mean that the Shuttleworth Trust may be forced to cancel the event at short notice.
PLEASE CHECK BEFORE TRAVELLING on Friday or Saturday, that the event is definitely on.
PLEASE ring the Museum shop, who will have the latest information, on 01767 627 288."

22nd September
The e-mail version of the latest club magazine titled "Above us, the Clouds" has just been sent out. John said the printed version should arrive by post today, for those who receive the mag in this way.

Thanks John, another excellent read.

At present the weather is looking good for either Saturday or Sunday at the last Old Warden modelling event this year......

20th September
Click the "thumb nail" for a group of full size flying photographs from David.



18th September
Click on the photo for Jonathans Ember dlg.



16th September
For those of you not on his e-mail list click for the latest Newsletter from Mike Woodhouse.

14th September
Thanks to Mick for the latest batch of front page photographs, this group from PMFC Flying Aces.

A reminder from John about tomorrows last of this seasons Ferry Meadows Free Flight Competitions. - Click for scores after 4 rounds.

10th September
Early warning for the last of this seasons Ferry Meadows Free Flight Competitions, which is next Tuesday, 15th September.
Also a BMFA Area Free Flight meeting on Sunday, 13th, September.

More details in the Meetings/Events on the left.

8th September
Click the DH 60 Moth for some photograohs Bryan took at the electric Free Flight Scale at the BMFA August Nats.



6th September
Excellent weather for todays Flying Aces Click on the yellow above results and full details.

Also a new set of front page photographs, thanks to Mick for this set from the BMFA Nats, August, 2015.

4th September
To add to an already busy month click to see details of Oxford MFC September Scale-Fest. A new event.

2nd September
Flying Aces next Sunday, Bernie covers it all for club members in yesterdays e-mail.
For a schedule of events and a map of how to get to Ferry Meadows click above.

Lets hope we have better luck with the weather than we did in the last 2 days of the Nats.....

31st August
Click the mini Goodyear picture for some snaps taken on Saturday. Both Mick and John were there with cameras so there should be some photographs to come.

Weather was OK, a little windy during the day but a comfortable temperature and it did calm down for the evening free flight. This was a touch gladatorial for my taste; it was never like this on Wanstead Flats in the '50's, although many of the models and motors were much the same.

I called in on the indoor hanger before things really got going. It was divided off, with netting, into three sections, so free flight was possible without being minced by a shockie.

29th August
First day of the August BMFA Nationals, weather seems reasonable, with wind forecast to drop off in time for the evening freeflight session.
There is also a hanger for indoor flying (18:30 - mid-night) although I suspect that will be dominated by shockies and helicopters, not much free-flight....

27th August
Ted Szklaruk and Steve Bennington received a nice plug in the August 2015 RCM&E.
Nigel Hawes in his "Fly Electric" column had the Bee as the heading photo as well as giving interesting background information about the model. Steves web site, where a "Bumble Bee" kit can be bought also got a mention. Click the Bee for the web site.

If you have missed the article let me know.

25th August
Brian W has been busy and booked the indoor flying meetings at the Bushfield Leisure Center for the coming Winter. - Click "Flying Site" on the left for maps and how to get there.

Saturday, October 10th - Saturday, 28th November
2016: Saturday, 2nd January - Saturday, 6th February - Sunday, 13th March
All the above 10.00am to 1.00pm. No Quadcopters and Helis up to 9 inch rotor only.

Indoor Scale Meetings.
Saturday, 2nd April. 10.00am until 2.00pm
Sunday, 10th April. 10.00am until 4.00pm (organised and paid for by the BMFA indoor scale FFTC as a trimming session for the Indoor scale FF Nats which are on May 1st )

23rd August
Thanks to Mick for the new set of front page photographs, these are all from Ferry Meadows this Summer.

A busy two weeks coming up - BMFA Nationals next weekend and then Flying Aces the one after.

21th August
Traplett going a touch over the top with:- "Welcome to the brand new world of The Hobby Hub! This fantastic new on-line portal has been designed as a one stop resource for everything you want from the world of R/C. Based around the 4 elements, Fire, Air, Earth and Water."

19th August
Carrying on from 15th August Paul said "there are 80 kits mentioned, mostly rib sets, but some are full short kits. everything from a KK Achilles, and a Slicker Mite, to a Chris Foss Wot 4 rib set. Prices are not bad at all, full KK outlaw wing and T/P rib set, 40 pieces including ply wing joiners, is £13.

Btw, most, maybe even ALL the plans are on Outerzone! "
Click for their Keil Kraft selection, or on the Outerzone logo for their front page.

Paul goes on to say "pop the files onto a memory stick, and try these guys... I bet they will print the plans full size for you. http://www.pps-print.com/ "

17th August
John said:- "Here is the spreadsheet of club f/f results after the most recent event, yesterday (Friday 14th.) A full account will appear in the club magazine which is due out after Flying Aces.

Competitors are reminded that, after the final event on Tuesday 15th September, the best three scores will be taken into account: perusal of these figures will enable folk to see what has to be achieved on that day. Perhaps there will be good weather for the first time??"

15th August
A link from Paul Lumsden via Bernie for iGull Laser who supply laser cut parts. Paul said "the quality is absolutely first class! " for the set he ordered. You can buy via your local Argos so the p&p is free.

Click the logo for the link.

13th August
Thanks to Alex Whittaker and RCM&E there was a good plug for PMFC and in particular John for the magazine.

Click the photo for a larger version.

As Bernie has it "Friday Ferry fun-time Frolics" as tomorrow is the August session of "the finest foursome of festival free flighting East of Leicester."

See Meetings and Events on the left.

11th August
Picked up from reports on FlyQuiet that Mongolian National Broadcast (their BBC) have a report of the recent Free Flight World Champs. Rather more chat that model pictures but worth a look to give an idea of the flying site....

Click the photograph for the video.

9th August
I was recomended a clear SWG to Metric wire gauge chart at www.clag.org.uk/swg.html This lead to investigating CLAG itself, worth a look so you know what Clag is. Not aeromodelling but some useful small engineering items.

7th August
Thanks to Mick for the latest set of front page photographs from the East Anglian Gala plus a new water bird species at Ferry Meadows.

5th August
If you happen to be in Dubai in December this year you can have "free entry to all event sites" at the FAI World Air Games.

Aeromodelling is represented with four events, one of which is F2D - Control line Combat Model Aircraft

3rd August
Bryan let us know that "The latest Cox engines newsletter includes articles on:-
· A shim is a shim isn't it? - By Paul Gibeault
· Castor Oil - By Bert Striegler
· Cleaning Model Engines - By Rod Boreham
· Flying that first loop - With Rusty Knowlton

Click the logo for the .pdf download.

1st August
Click for the August edition of "Slipstream" - thanks Stan.

Talking of August, Bernies e-mail for club members on 30th July covers events to come, they are also listed in Meetings/Events on the left. If anyone has things to add please let me know.

30th July
The FAI Free Flight World Championships are going on in Mongolia this week. Click the heading for the results section of their web site.

Click for the reports coming direct from Ulaanbaatar to Flyquiet.

28th July
I wouldn't normally suggest you watch car advertising but Honda have come up with something exceptional, with a modelling twist.

Click for the video. Thanks to Denis Ogelsby for the link.

26th July
I have always been intrigued by the Holbeach Bombing Range having seen aircraft flying in the area whilst visiting the Wash and also discovering there was an automatic weather reporting station at Wainfleet that reported weather "actuals" when the range was in operation. (I use mweather.exe from www.nirsoft.net to collect a list of weather actuals.)

On 14th July Radio 4 Extra broadcast "Target Practice" a program on the range and the people working there. Click to listen to it on your computer, which you can do for another 17 days. Or if you contact me I have an .mp3 file of the program.

24th July
Thanks to Mick there is a new set of front page photographs, this time some from the club competitions at Ferry Meadows as well as more from the May BMFA Nationals.

22nd July
Yesterdays edition of the XH558's Newsbytes had some excellent photographs and videos of the Vulcan at the Royal International Air Tattoo. Click the take-off photo for the magazine.



21st July
Thanks to John you can click here for the scores of the club free flight comps so far this year.

19th July
The 2015 F3K World Championships take place next week in Croatia. Click for reports from the preliminary contest, there is a lot in common here to free flight competition flying.

Don't forget Mondays Picnic in the Park. Bernie e-mailed full details on Friday, so if there are any PMFC members who don't get Bernies occasional club related messages please let him know.

17th July
I have been slow on the uptake and missed the fact that the BMFA have a new style results archive.

Click the results listing to get at the appropriate BMFA web page.

BT came up trumps with the line transfer and broadband connection, so I have been able to update the web site.

15th July
It is now over a month since John published the June Edition of the PMFC magazine "Spring into Action". Non members can now download a copy.

Click here for the A5 version, appropriate for reading on a screen.
Click here for the A4 version which can be printed and collated.

The next web site update is due on Friday. Catherine and I are moving that day and also changing broadband supplier, so either or both of these events could well delay the posting....

13th July
News that Paul Winter is ceasing trading as PS Aero Products soon makes sourcing control line specific items even more difficult. Does this mean that Den's Models, www.densmodelsupplies.co.uk becomes the only retailer left who specialises control line items?

Brodak Control Line Flying from the US have a neat way of listing their products, as if you add UK to their web address you get a list of UK suppliers. http://brodak.com/UK

11th July
The next PMFC free Flight comp is on Tuesday 14th July, and will run from 4pm to 7pm as usual. Then beginning as soon after 7pm as possible, is the rubber precision contest.
Click for the rules of this new event.

Tomorrow, Sunday 12th, there is a BMFA Area Free Flight meeting at North Luffenham, then on the weekend of 1st and 2nd August is the Anglian Summer Gala. Click the "thumb nail" for a .pdf download giving details of the Gala.

All these events are also listed in "Meetings and Events" - on the left

9th July
There is a new set of front page photographs, these are of scale models from the May BMFA Nationals 2015 - Thanks Mick

7th July
Ian passed on the this excellent link for where you can get "Andy Crisp's World of Free Flight Model Aircraft", which is available as a free .pdf download.

Click on the front cover for the web page.




5th July
For an erudite piece on "Thermal soaring flight of birds and UAVs" click the picture to get the .pdf download.

With thanks to Cornell University Library from where the article came.

3rd July
Chris from Soo Modellers in Canada passed on this American link. A control line profile Catalina with two Saito 4-strokes.....
Also you don't normally get full size airshow footage mixed in with control line, nor "3D" control line flying. Click the Catalina for the video.

1st July
Thanks to Stan there is the July edition of "Slipstream" available.

Click the heading for your .pdf download.


Link to previous "Latest Update" pages.

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so started both of these on 29th May 2015 and will see if the results coincide.

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