Flying Aces 2024

Saturday 14th September

at Ferry Meadows, Nene Park, Peterborough PE2 5UU.
Competitions 10.00 to 16.15

Download the flyer

Scale Modellers Please Note! ALL scale classes, except Masefield Rubber Scale are judged for flight profile and realism by the Flight Judges. They may ask for some verification, so please have the plan or, if scratch built, the 3-view available on the field.

Masefield Rubber Scale (No flight judging) Any scale rubber model, to which Masefield type bonuses will be applied, just duration plus bonuses. Present model to control for processing.

Open Rubber / CO2 / Electric Incorporating Kit Scale: Judged for flight profile and realism. Any C02 motor/tank permitted. See note re verification. Up to 36” Span.

TSP L-1 Rocketplane Duration: Models can be of any type of construction, propelled by a single reaction motor of the TSP L-1 type. These motors will be supplied on the day. No others will be allowed and motors may not be modified in any way. All motors shall be mounted in a tube or clip securely attached to the model. Note, the motors have a diameter of about 10.2mm. Best three from five flights to count to a Max set on the day (see for full rules and details)

Jetex /One Shot Rocket Motor / EDF Authentic Scale: Judged for flight profile and realism. See note with regard to scale model verification.

Jetex / One Shot Rocket Motor / EDF Profile Scale: Judged for flight profile and realism. See note with regard to scale model verification.

SPECIAL JUNIORS’ EVENT for Skywalker PB01-0 Rubber Duration: Model supplied ready built to first 12 entries. Pre-register at g r o . c f m h g u o r o b r e t e p y r a t e r c e s to guarantee a model.

P-20: 20” span Max 8” plastic prop, 6 gram motors (may be external), 3 flights to a Max.

Cloud Tramp: 5 flights NO MAX. (best and worst times discarded, and the remaining 3 times totalled. Note! If fewer than 5 flights logged the best and worst are still discarded.

Frog “Senior” Rubber Duration: (for plan see )

V20, Under 20” Vintage includes VMC “Pilot” / KK “Robin” Rubber Duration
Models must use prop size as per kit or plan to a max of 71⁄2”.
Awards for each class.

Rubber Ratio: NO MAX. Any rubber powered model with wingspan 15”- 25” (tip to tip not flat span ). (KK Elf is eligible). Flight score is total time in secs (for 3 flights) divided by span inches.

Catapult Glider: Catapult, max 2 gm rubber on a 6"max handle. (a 12” length of 0.25” weighs close to 2gm) Any model permitted. 9 flights to Max set on day, all times recorded, best 6 to count.

Tabletop Precision: Precision flight time Rubber event - models must Rise off Table.

36 inch Hi-Start Glider: Any glider up to 36”, tip to tip (NOT flat span) launched by the supplied “Hi Start” bungee.

Best Unorthodox: Unusual models. Flight must be seen by the nominated Scale Judge.

Open E20 Electric Duration: Max span, 20 inches. Any motor, battery and timer. Max motor run 8 secs. DT and RDT permitted. (for rules see flying rules).

Rubber Scramble: 20 minutes, use any rubber powered model that qualifies for one of the above events. Competitor must both wind and launch from box, may use a retriever (located in box at launch).

Flying Swarm: Mass launch for any model that is eligible for one of the day's competitions. Last model down is the winner. Flown at 4.15 pm

Prizes for 1st Place, Scrolls for 1st, 2nd and 3rd:
Young Flying Ace Prize for Best Overall Junior: A Junior must be 17yrs or under on 3/09/23
Note: this is a Free Flight event: No Radio Control: Proof of Insurance required for all flyers.
Bumper Raffle !


Revel in the special atmosphere created at this unique event.
Toilets, Café, and Park Visitors Centre.

Contact: Andrew Green on 5 8 0 7 5 5   3 5 8 7 0 or g r o . c f m h g u o r o b r e t e p y r a t e r c e s
Where applicable, Maxes for each class will be set on the day. BMFA Rules unless otherwise stated.