Peterborough Rules

Over the years PMFC has been responsible for creating /modifying the rules to a number of events. These rules have been published in various places but never brought together before. Click for the "Flying Rules Page"

Archive of Technical Articles

May 2019


The June 2019 edition of Aeromodeller features an article and free plan of our Ferry 500 class.

The Peterborough FET Timer for Ferry 500 is not covered in full detail so a video tutorial is provided here as mentioned in the magazine.

Aeromodeller have kindly given us permission to offer the free plan as a download here.
Click for the plan, along with a parts sheet and extra photos of the model.

Jonathan Whitmore

January 2019

Airbus Perlan 2 Glider

Denis Ogelsby


December 2018

FET Timers "Consolidation"

Tony Beckett

Aviation Titbits

Denis Ogelsby

August 2018

Weather Forecast Update

Tony Beckett

February/March 2018

Miniaturising FET Timers

Jonathan Whitmore

Update on Zappers for FET timers.

Chris Grant

Further Information on E20 Models

Jonathan Whitmore

An E20 Competition for 2018

Jonathan Whitmore

October 2017

Connectors used in micro RC

Tony Beckett

Spring 2017

MADRES Build Review

Ian Middlemiss


December 2016

FET Timers

Ian Middlemiss

November 2016

LiPo Warmer

Ian Middlemiss

May 2016

Another electronic DT timer

Ian Middlemiss

March 2016

More Power from the GWS 12mm motor for E20

Ian Middlemiss

February 2016

A bitsa Radio DT system for free flight models

Ian Middlemiss

'Pull - Spring' Control for RC and Radio Assist

Jonathan Whitmore


November 2015

Radio DT or RDT

July 2015

F3K Competition Flying

Michael Stern

"Thermal soaring flight of birds and UAVs"

With thanks to Cornell University Library
April 2015

Voltage regulator

Ian Middlemiss
February 2015

Wing Bags

Dave Shipton and
Ian Middlemiss
January 2015

Indoor Electric Equipment

From a John Stennard article


December 2014

Turnigy Test Stand


Hanger Rat Indoor Rules
plus Gyminie Cricket and Bostonian.

Bernie, via Richard Granger and the Nottingham club

November 2014

Choosing an Electric Motor using the flybrushless site

Ian Middlemiss

July 2014

Small glass and carbon reinforcements.

Ian Middlemiss

June 2014

A modified FET timer.

Ian Middlemiss

April 2014

Aerofoils and Curves in Depron

John Picton

February 2014

Stop Watches

Tony Beckett


December 2013

Equivalent Dihedral Angle

Jonathan Whitmore

August 2013

Motor Run Electronic Controller with DT and auto surface functions for Free Flight Competition and Sport Models

Ian Middlemiss

August 2013

TilePrint is a tool for resizing, tiling and printing images.

Several people


December 2012

Propeller Matching A Brushless Motor

Ian Middlemiss

October 2012

Indoor Flying with a Gyminnie Cricket

Bernie Nichols

April 2012

An electronic controller installation for brushless motors and Free Flight

Ian Middlemiss

March 2012

How To Convert A Diesel Free Flight Vintage Model To Brushless

Ted Szklaruk

February 2012

Connectors for light weight electric models

Tony Beckett


December 2011

Derek Knight's new E30 controller

Ian Middlemiss

September 2011

Thermo Formed Depron Wings

Arnaldo Correia via
RC Micro World

August 2011

Peterborough FET Timer for freeflight models

Ted Szklaruk

July 2011

Music wire for tiny DT springs

Ian Middlemiss

April 2011

Tribute to Harry Coover – every aeromodeller’s friend.

Sydney Lenssen

February 2011

Tests on brushless outrunner power units suitable for the 2011 E30 rules.

Click here for an easy to print .pdf version

Ian Middlemiss

January 2011

Review of a low cost, cordless glue gun

From Free Flight Quarterly - An American take on an E30 type model. "Slick Willie E-36"

From Free Flight Quarterly - An article on "Breaking a 36 Year Old Record" - indoor HLG


FAI "Volume F1 Free Flight Model Aircraft" 2010 edition.

July 2010

Connectors for lightweight electric power systems
This is a .pdf file - makes for easier printing.

Ian Middlemiss

April 2010

Control Line Fuel Shut Off

Brian Waterland

How to improve your chances of winning
"The Bowden Trophy"

Brian Waterland

March 2010

My Foray into Electric Control Line

Brian Waterland

A newbie brushless electric conversion power system for free flight

Ian Middlemiss

February 2010

A brief review of Profili 2.24c , shareware software to generate rib profiles

Ian Middlemiss


January 2009

A very simple FET timer for brushed 6/7mm pager motors

The article as a .pdf file

Ian Middlemiss

December 2009

Some tests on brushless motors for 2010 E30 using a 70mah LiPo

Ian Middlemiss

E30 "work in progress"

Ian Middlemiss