Members Models

Indoor Spot Landing Winner - Tony Beckett
March 2019

Small Model Free Flight Competitions - Brian Lever
March 2019


60 Year Old rubber powered RTP - Christian Moes
November 2018

Plank Gliders designed by Mick Page
November 2018


Caudron Racing Monoplane, 1911 varient - Bernie and Ian

The Bee Goes Down Under, Two - Ted Szklaruk
August 2017

Militky-Braditschka MBE-1 - Tony Beckett
January 2017


The Bee goes Down Under - Ted Szklaruk
August 2016

In memoriam for Bernie. the Sting 21 chuckie he never built - Ian Middlemiss
April 2016

CANDy 30 - Jonathan Whitmore
February 2016

Tailless Rubber Models for the new class at Flying Aces
January 2016


Playboy - John Ashmole
December 2015

Keil Kraft Competitor, Electrification - Arthur Ott
October 2015

Connecticut Yankee - John Ashmole
September 2015

Ember 24" DLG - Jonathan Whitmore
September 2015.

Sharkface Pylon Racing - Ian Middlemiss,
10th March 2015

Slingsby T.31 Tandem Tutor for Indoor Scale Glider - Jonathan Whitmore
9th January 2015

Indoor scale models, Bushfield - Jonathan Whitmore
3rd January 2015


An indoor ducted fan canard plus a Rogello - Christian Moes
19th December 2014

Eros, an all time classic - John Ashmole
5th December 2014

Skygipsy - original design Ray Malmström
29th November 2014

Indoor Glider Towing - Update - Christian Moes
13th November 2014

Indoor Glider Towing - Christian Moes
26th October 2014

Indoor Models - Ian Middlemiss
25th October 2014

A replacement discus launch fuselage for very little money - Ian Middlemiss
20th August 2014

Assembling a 40" Topsky discus launch glider (dlg) - Ian Middlemiss
17th April 2014

E20, a progress report - Ian Middlemiss
11th April 2014

The Pound Shop Special, r/c DLG - Dave Shipton
30th March 2014

The 'Butterfly DLG' from Mick Page - Ian Middlemiss
4th March 2014

Indoor r/c conversions:- Boddo's "Old Bill" + "Tenderfoot Tom" from Walt Mooney
Christian Moes, 2nd March 2014

Handley Page Heyford, indoor r/c - Christian Moes
10th February 2014

Indoor flying update from Canada - Christian Moes
18th January 2014

Indoor flying update from Canada - Christian Moes
11th January 2014

An E20 model, the Ferry 500 for the 2014 monthly Ferry competitions - Ian Middlemiss
January 2014


Indoor flying update from Canada - Christian Moes
December 2013

Bungee launched gliders from Canada - Christian Moes
December 2013

Update from Canada Two - Christian Moes
December 2013

Update from Canada - Christian Moes
November 2013

E20 using a Parkzone power unit - Ian Middlemiss
July 2013

Pizza Neezer - Ted Szklaruk
May 2013

Indoor Scale Nationals, April 2013 - Pete Fardell
April 2013

Update to a " Small Field Duration Model for Electric Sport Free Flight" - Ian Middlesmiss
March 2013

SE5, in anti dazzle camouflage, from Rob Smith - Ted Szklaruk
March 2013

A statue commemorating model aircraft. - February 2013
Certainly not one of our club members but a page for a browse.

The "Eagle Book of Balsa Models" - 1959 with ducted fans, flying indoors. - Christian Moes
February 2013 ( Includes videos.)

A Small Field Duration Model for Electric Sport Free Flight - Ian Middlemiss
February 2013

News from Canada , includes a video - Christian Moes
January 2013

Boston Beagle at Whittelsey , includes a video - Jonathan Whitmore
January 2013

Talks about Control Line models, Peakirk - videos by Ted Szklaruk
January 2013

Canadian Coincidences - Pee Wee Pal and Sopwith Tabloid - Christian Moes
January 2013


Ray Malmström models in Canada , includes a video - Christian Moes
December 2012

Gyminnie Cricket from Canada , includes a video - Christian Moes
December 2012

Pee Wee takes on Snoopy! - John Ashmole
December 2012

R/C Gyminnie Cricket and small rubber model template. - David Shipton & Derek Thornburn
November 2012

Indoor Carrier Deck Landing , includes videos - Christian Moes, Canada
October 2012

Aeronca Sedan - John Ashmole
July 2012

Sculthorpe Bowden - Ian Middlemiss
July 2012

Bill Dean 1952 Duo Monoplane - Ted Szklaruk
July 2012

Rocket Powered Duration Models. (A .pdf file)Roger Simmonds
June 2012

Plans list from Bernie for 36" bungee launched gliders.
May 2012

A Zaic Trooper and an own design, for bungee launching. Peter Michel
May 2012

Bart Biplane. - Ted Szklaruk
April 2012

Bungee launched free flight gliders. - Ian Middlemiss
March and April 2012

Meadowlark, an indoor rubber model from America. - Ian Middlemiss
14th March 2012

An Electric Stomper……. with apologies to George Fuller, - Ian Middlemiss
6th March 2012

A Smoky Bucket List. - Roger Simmonds & Andy Blackwell
2nd March 2012

In flight video clips from R/C scale gliders. - Chris Williams
10th February 2012

Steve Bage EDF MIG17 PART TWO. - Ian Middlemiss
31st January 2012

Steve Bage EDF MIG17 enlarged to 143% - Ian Middlemiss
A 4 page .pdf file of the plan , it is a big download.
For just a quick look at the plan pages click the following:-
Page one -- Page two -- Page three -- Page four
18th January 2012


Blitzstürmer - Ted Szklaruk
27th December 2011

Mercurian Mite, indoor control line flying. - From Canada, thanks to Christian Moes.
14th December 2011

Mercurian Mite - more power..... - Ted Szklaruk
25th November 2011

Swimmer, R/C indoor helium balloon.
John Childs - video by Ted Szklaruk
19th November 2011

Mercurian Mite, indoor control line flying.
Models:- Ted Szklaruk, Bernie Nichols, pilots:- Brian Waterland and Dave Clarke, video Ted.
30th October 2011

A Peterborough Fet Timer in an electric Tomboy from Long Eaton.
29th October 2011

Mercurian Mite - Brian Lever and others
24th October 2011

Rowing Boat - Ian Middlemiss
4th September 2011

Prize winning Bristol Beaufighter - David Clark
11th August 2011

Hensons Aerial Steam Carriage 1843 - Rob Smith
24th July 2011

Bernie at the 2011 Freeflight Nationals, both Bowden and Scale - Alex Whittaker
17th June 2011

Inner Circle:   C/L Cub Trainer;  also "Rapscallion."   - John Ashmole
15th June 2011

Brian Waterlands Nationals Open Scale Winning P51 - Alex Whittaker
30th May 2011

PMFC Models - Bowden Contest, 2011 Nats - Ian Middlemiss
30th May 2011

Sky Bug - Ted Szklaruk
26th April 2011

Ebenezers - Rob Smith
10th April 2011

Jaguar - Kev
10th April 2011

Goodbye to all that: Corsair, Lulu, Hacker A/1 - John Ashmole
3rd April 2011

Patiodor - John Ashmole
10th March 2011

Percy - Ian Middlemiss
15th February 2011

Super Scorpion - John Ashmole
25th January 2011


Sopwith Tabloid - John Ashmole
31st December 2010

Blitz-jäger - Ted Szklaruk
14th December 2010

News from Dave Goodenough , in France
5th December 2010

Junior 60 - John Ashmole
2nd November 2010

Impington, October 2010 - two models flown by Ted Szklaruk + one from Tony Beckett.
1st November 2010

Satyr - by Jiri Smola - owned by Tony Wilson
8th October 2010

Vintage Power Trains - John Ashmole
6th October 2010

An interesting mixture - Ted Szklaruk
4th October 2010

Of Clouds and Elves. - John Ashmole
3rd October 2010

"Cri -Cri" by Ray Malmström - Ted Szklaruk
28th September 2010

Elf Biplane - John Ashmole
25th September 2010

Ferry Meadows, 17th September 2010 -
20th September 2010

Bump, an electric model of some versatility - Ian Middlemiss
14th September 2010

Building details for "Bumblebee Shuttleworthi" - Ted Szklaruk
Also an exchange of letters between Ted and Dave Goodenough, the designer of the model. Plus information from Ian Middlemiss about an R/C version.
7th September 2010

An Electric Competition Model - Ian Middlemiss
3rd September 2010

A4 size Atlantis Space Shuttle - Ted Szklaruk
22nd August 2010

Bumble Bee - Ted Szklaruk
July 2010

'Another Flying Insect' - Ian Middlemiss
July 2010

'Just messing about' - Ian Middlemiss
June 2010

'Models with a difference', designed to stimulate interest in electric free flight
Ian Middlemiss, December 2009