Bushfield 7th January 2023

Name Error Model
Luke Goymour 7 Mini Gyminnie
Sue Shaw 17 Gyminnie Cricket
Andy Green 21 Gyminnie Cricket
Chris Grant 46 Ikara Butterfly
Chris Strachan 49 Impington Special
Gordon Hannah Nesmith Cougar

Gordon Hannah made only 3 flights but with a cumulative error of 17 did not continue with his further two flights

Name Model Score
John Cooper Rearwin Speedster 15.0
John Bowerman Howard DG1 13.5
Gordon Hannah Nesmith Cougar 13.0
Peter Adams Lacey 11.5
Name Seconds Model
Chris Grant 122 Hanger Rat
HANGER RAT ( 5 Flights)
Name Seconds Notes
Chris Grant 498
Andy Green 354
Malcom Styles 174
Peter Adams 140 Peter only flew two flights
Chris Strachan

2022 PMFC contests

Over five rounds at Ferry Meadows, the top three in each class are:

  • P20: 1st Mick Page 11 points, 2nd Bert Whitehead and Luke Goymour 7 each.

  • Scale Precision: 1st Brian Lever 8, 2nd Bert Whitehead 7, 3rd Martin Skinner 3.

  • Open Rocket: 1st Luke Goymour 9, 2nd Brian Lever and Bert Whitehead 5.

  • E20: 1st Luke Goymour 7, 2nd Peter Gibbons 5, 3rd Jon Whitmore 2.

  • 36" Glider: 1st Chris Grant 11, 2nd Brian Lever and Bert Whitehead 7 each.

  • Cloud Tramp: 1st equal: Mick Page and Luke Goymour, 10 points. 3rd Bert Whtehead 4.

    (NB: As the only pre-arranged way of deciding a tie was to have a flyoff on the field, and because circumstanced made that impossible, we must ask Luke and Mick to share the trophy. We should discuss a better method at the "FF Conference" this Winter.)

  • HLG: 1st Luke Goymour 16 (wow!) 2nd Peter Gibbons 10, 3rd Chris Grant 9.

  • The Victor Ludorum Trophy is calculated by counting the number of competitors beaten in the final (complete) results list. Is has been checked and approved by the protagonists: First Luke Goymour 18, Second Bert Whitehead 14


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