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If you would like to talk about any aspect of aeromodelling or PMFC membership please call:

Brian Lever - Chairman, 01733 252416,
Martin Skinner - PR Officer, 01487 812591, 07774863008,

Alternatively,if you wish to apply for membership straight away, the current fees are:

Full Adult PMFC annual membership


Juniors PMFC annual membership


BMFA Adult annual membership


BMFA Juniors annual membership


Please complete the membership application form below, enclose a cheque for the appropriate amount and send it to:
Richard Arnold, Membership Secretary, PMFC, 21 Signal Road, Ramsey Cambs. PE26 1NG.
Tel:- 07891 522003
Note: Discounts may apply for membership commencing after July 2020 - Please call for details (Please make cheques payable to PMFC)

Read the Peterborough Model Flying Club Privacy Notice here

Download the application form in PDF format here


What is aeromodelling? - Quite simply it is about flying model aircraft

• Aeromodelling is a sport and a rewarding hobby giving many hours of building and flying pleasure.

• It is educational -the principles of aerodynamics apply equally to model aircraft as they do to full size, and are an exacting arm of modern physics.

• It is ageless - whether you're 5 or 95 there is always a challenge ahead.

• It can be frustrating - whilst making a model fly well is not difficult, it does require a degree of skill and understanding of the basics. Membership of a club can offer the support and know-how to see a beginner through the frustrations. What to Fly? - There are many options to consider.