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If you would like to talk about any aspect of aeromodelling or PMFC membership please call:

Brian Lever - Chairman, 01733 252416,
Martin Skinner - PR Officer, 01487 812591, 07774863008,

Alternatively,if you wish to apply for membership straight away, the current fees are:

Full Adult PMFC annual membership


Juniors PMFC annual membership


BMFA Adult annual membership


BMFA Juniors annual membership


Please complete the membership application form below, enclose a cheque for the appropriate amount and send it to:-

Richard Arnold,
Membership Secretary,
21 Signal Road,
Ramsey Cambs.
PE26 1NG.
Tel:- 07891 522003

Note: Discounts may apply for membership commencing after July 2022.
Please call for details

Please make cheques payable to 'PMFC'.

Read the Peterborough Model Flying Club Privacy Notice here

Download the application form in PDF format here


What is aeromodelling? - Quite simply it is about flying model aircraft

• Aeromodelling is a sport and a rewarding hobby giving many hours of building and flying pleasure.

• It is educational -the principles of aerodynamics apply equally to model aircraft as they do to full size, and are an exacting arm of modern physics.

• It is ageless - whether you're 5 or 95 there is always a challenge ahead.

• It can be frustrating - whilst making a model fly well is not difficult, it does require a degree of skill and understanding of the basics. Membership of a club can offer the support and know-how to see a beginner through the frustrations. What to Fly? - There are many options to consider.