Celebrating 75 Years of the Famous KK Phantom

A New Racing Competition Created by Peterborough MFC
A new postal and event competition for the famous Phantom Mk11
  • Phantom Mk11 to plan.

  • Wing can be set without incidence and rudder without offset.

  • Flexible stranded heavy weight leadouts

  • 1.5cc steel liner motors plain or single ball bearing.

  • 45’ 012” stranded control lines from centre line of model to centre line of handle.
    ( Note line length to help reduce pilot rotation speed ).

  • Bellcrank mounted on bearers. 1 3/4” Spinner.

  • Fuel Cut Out allowed but not mandatory.

  • 2” Racing Wheels..

  • Commercial I.C. Propellers only.

  • BMFA number on inboard wing

  • 50 lap race with one pit stop.

  • Up to three races per team per event.

  • Mandatory wrist strap for pilots and helmet for pitman.

  • 10 second count down to engine starting for League 1 ( one up ) and League 2 ( two up ).

  • No whipping other than one lap for take off and landing.

  • All other rules as per BMFA C/L racing.


Six events to be run in the 2023 season

Six postal event race times to Brian Lever ( [email protected] ) within five days of the event taking place

Six location events to take place.

Three at Old Warden, 13/14 May, 22/23 July, 16/17 September.

Three at Buckminster 15/16 April, 23/24/25 June, 14/15 October

Best three times to count towards Special “75” Trophies for First, Second and Third Places in each league. Certificates awarded to every entrant.

League 2 winners receive tuned PAW 1.5cc single ball raced motor from the Brian Lever collection. Fettle or new build.

Good times are back.
Any Questions? [email protected] or Tel: 01733 252416

Good Luck!

Download the flyer