Spot Landing Rules

Contest for models under 200 grammes.

Rules for radio control events flown at Ferry Meadows during club rallies, when Free Flight Contests are also taking place. As used at the initial pilot event in April 2024.

Note: the safety of people using the park is paramount, and flyers must take responsibility for this.

Please be prepared to land in a safe location if passers-by come close, or when asked to do so by the spotter or the Contest Director.


Any radio controlled model under 200 grammes, whether electric powered, bungee glider or Discus-Launch Glider. Proof of model safety or pilot competency may be requested.


To be selected in agreement with the free flight contest director and avoiding any area where people are likely to congregate. Target spot will be marked clearly (inverted plastic dinner plate has been used). No flyer may encroach within ten metres of the spot when competing.


Power flyers hand launch, fly for 30 seconds, then land as close to spot as possible in the following 30 seconds. Bungee flyers launch from the free flight bungee by arrangement with the free flight contest director, then walk no closer than ten metres from the spot and land. No time restrictions apply.

DLG flyers launch, circle and land without restrictions apart from the ten metre rule.


One point lost for each completed metre the model lands away from the spot. Measurement by a 30-metre tape.

Landing before 30 seconds (power models) or after 60 (all classes): 30 points lost.

Landing beyond the reach of the tape (all types): 30 points lost.

If a flight is aborted on the advice of the CD or spotter, a re-flight may be taken.

If a model is in need of repair after a hard landing, the entry must be withdrawn.


In order to contain this contest within a reasonable timeframe, it will be run in three rounds. After balloting for flying order, flyers will launch when called upon, within a reasonable timeframe and after checking for safety. The two best scores of each flyer to count, remaining score can be used as tie break. Lowest score wins.


Superficially, this is a very simple event. On calm days, the CD may choose to measure to the nearest completed half metre, or to reduce the time allowed for landing, or a precise time could set with points losses for missing the moment. Experience will suggest modifications to these rules.

The CD’s judgement is final.