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Slipstream is the Bulletin of the Auckland Model Aero Club, edited by Stan Mauger.
PMFC and AMAC have an exchange arrangement.    Click for a list of Slipstreams.

PMFC Magazine

  Spring 2022 Magazine "Spring Edition"

  Winter 2022 Magazine "Winter Edition"

  October 2021 Magazine "Out To Grass"

  July 2021 Magazine "Longest Flight"

  May 2021 Magazine "Action Now"

  February 2021 Magazine "Things To Come"

  January 2021 Magazine "In Limbo"

   October 2020 Magazine"Wind Beneath my Wings"

   August 2020 Magazine"Back to the Future"

   July 2020 Magazine"Staying Alert"

   May 2020 Magazine"Grounded!"

   March 2020 Magazine"Flight Lines"

   December 2019 Magazine"Inner Circle"

   September 2019 Magazine"Coney Capers"

   June 2019 Magazine"Borne on the Wind"

   March 2019 Magazine"What Larks, Pip"

   December 2018 Magazine"Silverware and Speeches"

   September 2018 Magazine "Last of the Summer Wynds"

   June 2018 Magazine "Fly Past"

  March 2018 Magazine "Leading Edge"

  December 2017 Magazine "Autumn Leaves"

  September 2017 Magazine "Field of Dreams"

  June 2017 Magazine "Sky Larks"

  March 2017 Magazine "Carpe Diem"

  December 2016 Magazine (3.08Mb) "For a Few Seconds More"

  September 2016 Magazine (2.12Mb) plus a  Two page centre spread   "Field Days"

  June 2016 Magazine (2.32Mb)    "New Tricks"

  March 2016 Magazine (1.6Mb)    "Great Expectations"

  December 2015 Magazine (1.8Mb)    "Plane Talking"

  September 2015 Magazine (1.99Mb)    "Above us, the Clouds"

  June 2015 Magazine (1.98Mb)    "Spring into Action"

  March 2015 Magazine (1.92Mb)   "New Age"

  December 2014 Magazine (1.63Mb)   "As You Like It"

   September 2014 Magazine (2.28Mb)    "Much Ado"

  June 2014 Magazine (1.70Mb)   "Making the Best"

  April 2014 Magazine (1.59Mb)   "Undercover Operations"

  Winter 2014 Magazine (1.40Mb)   "Winter Words"

  Autumn 2013 Magazine (1.00MB)   "September Song"

  Summer 2013 Magazine (1.26MB)   "Summer Lightning"

  Spring 2013 Magazine (935kB)   "Spring Fever"

  Winter 2012 Magazine (857kB)   "A Winter's Tale"

  September 2012 Magazine (1.04MB)   "Between the Showers"

  Summer 2012 Magazine (869kB)   "Come Rain Come Shine: The Summer of '12"

  Spring 2012 Magazine (975kB)   "The Ides of March Edition"

  June 2010 Newsletter (408kB)

  October 2009 Newsletter (1.33Mb)

  June 2009 Newsletter (455kB)

  February 2009 Newsletter (703kB)

  September 2008 Newsletter (2476kB)

  February 2007 Newsletter (655kB)

  October 2006 Newsletter (716kB)

  July 2006 Newsletter (1022kB)

  December 2005 Newsletter (792kB)

  May 2005 Newsletter (559kB)

  January 2005 Newsletter (597kB)


The symbol is for the Foxit Reader, which up until 2017 I believed did a better and less intrusive job of displaying .pdf files than the "official" Adobe reader. I then came across Sumatra PDF- , for which I now have a preference.